Raybus Flights on Diyarbakır Batman Line Should Be Activated Immediately

Raybus Flights on Diyarbakır Batman Line Should Be Activated Immediately
Raybus Flights on Diyarbakır Batman Line Should Be Activated Immediately

📩 30/10/2020 10:42

AK Party Batman Deputy Ziver Özdemir, who visited the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu, talked about the investments needed in Batman and its districts. Gercüş Mayor Gündüz Günaydın and Hasankeyf Mayor Abdulvahap Kusen also attended the meeting.

Batman Wanted to Open the Savur Road

Vekil Özdemir, Batman northern ring road construction, Batman-Sason-Hasköy-Muş highway immediately, Batman-Savur-Mardin road to be added to the road network over Batman University, Batman-Beşiri-Kurtalan road BSK, Batman city crossings 8--10 years He stated that their asphalt had deteriorated and their BSKs had to be renewed.

He conveyed the work to be done on highways

Attorney Özdemir said that the construction of the Hasankeyf tunnel on the Batman-Hasankeyf-Gercüş-Midyat road will be completed as soon as possible, the tender for the Gercüş tunnel, the stadium, the university, the swimming pool, the athletics track and the schools will be built on the South Ring Road, where a new 500-bed state hospital to complete the work done by the highways in Batman Üçyol and Samanyolu Village.

Requested to Improve Runway Quality at the Airport

In his meeting with Minister Karaismailoğlu, Deputy Özdemir drew attention to the fact that the emergency runway of the Batman Airport should be upgraded to normal runway standards and the closure of the airport should be prevented because the runway was taken into normal runway maintenance.

Railbus Submits Request

Özdemir, who also conveyed the request of the railbus, which was on the agenda with the signature campaign in Batman, to the Minister Karaismailoğlu, the extension of the high-speed train line to Batman, the commissioning of the railbus on the Diyarbakır-Batman line as soon as possible, and the establishment of a rotating bridge that allows the trains to be used in both directions, He wanted our citizens to benefit more by improving train service hours. (Batmanson)

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