New Brand Strategy from Audi: 'Future is an Attitude'

New Brand Strategy from Audi: 'Future is an Attitude'
New Brand Strategy from Audi: 'Future is an Attitude'

📩 12/11/2020 18:02

By launching a global brand campaign, Audi revealed its new strategy: “Future is an Attitude”

Henrik Wenders, Senior Vice President Audi Brand: “By retouching our brand strategy, we give 'Vorsprung' a more contemporary meaning and fit ourselves into the future”

Audi is redefining “Vorsprung”: Announcing its new brand strategy, Audi has people; puts it at the center of its brand strategy along with its values ​​and needs.

In the new strategy, where sustainability, digitalization and design continue to be the main themes, the importance given to the transition to sustainable and digital premium mobility is drawn with a new slogan: “Future is an Attitude”.

Shaping the future of premium mobility

Henrik Wenders, Senior Vice President of Audi Brand, said that with the innovations they made in the brand strategy, they aimed to bring a contemporary definition to 'Vorsprung' and make it ready for the future, in other words, a new automotive age and its customers. and to contribute to society; It is shaping the future and creating exciting experiences with premium mobility.”

With its global campaign launched due to the transition to the new brand strategy, Audi shows the way to an electric, digitalized and emotional future. In addition to existing models, such as the Audi e-tron Sportback, which represent the innovative strength of the brand, visionary cars such as Audi AI: ME and the Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron concept are also on show.

As part of its “Future is an Attitude” communication approach, Audi gathers its worldwide marketing activities under one umbrella, taking into account cultural and country-specific requirements. While “One step ahead with technology” remains the brand's motto, all creative practices are carried out under the responsibility of Hamburg-based agency thjnk. All content created in the campaign, which will be carried out through all communication channels from television to digital platforms, will be gathered under the roof of the newly opened website “” and will be presented to users with other background stories.

Within the framework of the new brand campaign, the reconstructed Audi corporate identity becomes visible for the first time all over the world today. Launched with the brand's innovative premium image, this identity is evident in a simplified visual language.


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