Works Started in BTSO's Automotive Sub-Industry Ur-Ge

Works Started in BTSO's Automotive Sub-Industry Ur-Ge
Works Started in BTSO's Automotive Sub-Industry Ur-Ge

The Automotive Sub-Industry Ur-Ge Project, which was implemented under the leadership of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, continues rapidly.

Due to the new type of corona virus epidemic affecting the whole world, the needs analysis was completed in the Automotive Supplier Industry Ur-Ge Project, where the first meeting was held online. The first meeting of the Ur-Ge Project, which includes 45 companies in the project and aims to increase the export capacity of the sector as well as strengthen the corporate structure of the companies, attended the BTSO Vice Chairman of the Board, Cüneyt Şener, and project member companies.


Expressing that global trade has come to a halt with the effect of the epidemic that started in China and spread rapidly all over the world, Vice President Şener emphasized that the recovery trend of the automotive sector continues rapidly. Turkey's Cars Initiative Group (TOGG) reminds will be on the road after 2 years, domestic car will be launched Sener, with vast knowledge and experience in Bursa's automotive industry in the domestic automobile project will contribute at the highest level.


Noting that Bursa, where the heart of the automotive sector beats, continues to lead the sector with its potential and its successes to date, Şener said, “Our city is one of the production bases of our sector with its developed infrastructure, qualified workforce, competitive and strong supply chain. As BTSO, we continue our Ur-Ge and HİSER Projects together with the Ministry of Commerce in order to increase the competitiveness of our companies. 30 Ur-D and CLO Project in Turkey are one of the leading institutions in this field. Automotive Sub-Industry Ur-Ge Project 45 companies employ 6 thousand people and export to 50 countries. Our Automotive Sub-Industry Ur-Ge Project, which started its work this year, will also contribute to the growth of our industry. " used the expressions.


In the meeting held online, Bahri Aydın, one of the project consultants, made a presentation on the advantages of the project, training and consultancy, as well as the completed needs analysis of the Ur-Ge project. In addition, Bursa Model Factory Consultant Doğan Hasan and Lean Transformation Specialist Elif Aydoğan gave information to Ur-Ge members about the activities of the Competence Transformation Center Bursa Model Factory and the lean transformation point.​

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