TÜDEMSAŞ Neglected by Ankara

Turkey Railway Machines Industry Inc. (TÜDEMSAŞ) since 1939 and the 79 years, Turkey's passenger railroad freight industry giant standing institutions.

TÜDEMSAŞ's new generation container wagon, Europe's lightest container wagon, has been on European roads. TÜDEMSAŞ, which made its first export to Iraq, went to Austria under the name of Turkrail, 90 'Sggmrs type container wagon, for the first time in Europe, which can carry two 45' containers.

Thanks to these breakthroughs, population growth will be realized. In other words, if Sivas will be Büyükşehir, by expanding TÜDEMSAŞ, it creates jobs and employs five thousand people.

If TÜDEMSAŞ closes, Sivas economy collapses!

This also suits Sivas, which is the production center of our country's freight wagons.

With the superior efforts of our union, the project of taking Sivas High Speed ​​Train Station to the center, eliminating the possibility of moving or closing, helps to survive the economy of Sivas by flowing 10 million TL hot money to the market. We repeat our request from the TCDD General Directorate and the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications to urgently supply jobs to TÜDEMSAŞ, and to manufacture TÜDEMSAŞ of light and heavy damage wagons of all types.

The fact that Ankara has been overtaking TÜDEMSAŞ for years and ignoring this deep-rooted institution has attracted the reaction of Sivaslılar.

We continue to insist on the production of parts of the domestic car. The current technical bench, worker, engineer and the central management are in a position to produce indigenous cars without any hesitation.

With such devotion, TÜDEMSAŞ staff advocates the necessity of a promotion examination in the task of being requested by the institution. Unfortunately, the General Managers have not acted on this issue, the employees are waiting for this exam for more than ten years and we have already warned that it is necessary to be fair in evaluating the exams.

Finally, we repeat our request at the point of urgently appointed General Manager to TÜDEMSAŞ General Directorate, which is managed by proxy.

Chairman of UDEM Hak-Sen
Abdullah PEKER

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  1. Tüdemsaş, tcdd (wagon production and repair) in addition to the market out of the order to open and fast and high-quality service in manufacturing and the cost of repair and manufacturing in a long time to be very high costs. Why has the wagon lost its needs? .The latest services to suit the latest technology and 4 should be made fast cheap.