Turkey's Production and Export Oriented Growth Drive Should Be

turkiyenin growth spurt should be production and export-oriented
turkiyenin growth spurt should be production and export-oriented

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, 'January Industrial Production Data evaluated. President Burkay stated that the impact of the financial fluctuation experienced in August in manufacturing industry was also felt in the manufacturing industry. Measure packages and action plans taken by the economy administration show the effect. Ekonomi Turkey's foreign trade Ibrahim stressed the need to focus on open Burkay, "and in August, experienced what the moment when both today show the internal market induced contraction we target is Turkey's growth efforts need to be the center of production and exports. Disclosure of the data, both raw and in areas that we support Turkey's capacity to produce serious our industry in the production of intermediate goods have messages that need. "He said.


Stating that the figures in the industry indicate a healthy contraction, President Burkay said: et It is obvious that growth arguments that are not indexed to production and industry are not sustainable. Especially in cities with manufacturing center in Turkey, we need to invest in our domestic industry of intermediate goods and raw materials in production. In this sense, our President and our government have very important projects. We especially care about project based incentive policies. Imports will support investments to meet its funding policy description will attract investment and support costs down, Turkey will bring positive points to this process in a very short period of time. "


Production and exports of Turkey stated that they see as essential Burkay President, stressed the need to develop the production of powerful cities and regions. Turkey's production and export base is in the Marmara Basin 'Spatial Planlama'yl, with the necessary creation of a new generation of industry emphasized that BCCI Chairman Burkay, "We need to strengthen Turkey in the field of new generation. Bursa has a serious game plan. We are implementing important projects that support change and transformation. We made our allocations to our investors in the middle high and high technology areas especially in TEKNOSAB, which we are conducting under the leadership of our President. Hopefully our investments will begin at the end of the year. Here, the production and export of 150 thousand new employment, product groups with an average value of 8 dollars will be in question. In Bursa, especially in the transition to the industry 4.0 machinery, automotive, defense industry and textile companies have important companies. We have implemented our excellence centers for these companies. As a city, we have a strong potential in line with the objectives of our country. Kent

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