Additional Circular on Coronavirus Sent to 81 Provincial Governorships

Additional Circular on Coronavirus Sent to 81 Provincial Governorships
Additional Circular on Coronavirus Sent to 81 Provincial Governorships

An additional circular on the coronavirus outbreak was sent to 81 Provincial Governorships by the Ministry of Interior. In the Circular, it was pointed out that the effects of the coronavirus epidemic and the increase of cases are still continuing all over the world, especially in the European continent, there is an increase in the course of the epidemic, and new measures have been taken in many European countries to prevent people from coming together.

Turkey also manage the risks posed in terms of public health and public order of the coronavirus outbreak, providing social isolation, cleaning the basic principles of the current controlled social life of the period in order to control the propagation speed of physical distance protection and disease, mask and course as well as the outbreak of distance rules and additional rules and precautions to be followed in all areas of life were determined and implemented considering possible risks.

In the circular, it was stated that the stage reached in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic was evaluated together with the Ministry of Health and additional decisions were taken on the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. According to this;

Provincial / District Sanitation Boards Will Be Ensured To Meet Within 48 Hours

In all provinces and districts at the latest 48 hours It will be ensured that the General Hygiene Boards convene. Regarding the implementation of the measures taken to combat the epidemic "Follow""audit""warning" The measures taken and the audit activities carried out will be evaluated.

In the General Hygiene Board meetings, the issues regarding the contribution of the relevant institutions and organizations (especially local administrations) to the monitoring, inspection and warning system in order to increase the institutional capacity in the fight against the epidemic will be discussed and decided.

Kovid-7 Inspection Will Be Conducted Each Day In The Next 19 Days

From Monday, October 19 7 days throughout General inspections will be made in all provinces and districts on a separate issue.

The inspections to be carried out during 7 days will be planned as follows:

  • 19 October Monday Eating and drinking places such as cafes, restaurants, especially public recreation and entertainment places
  • Tuesday, October 20 Places such as all kinds of public transportation vehicles (including school buses) and airport / train station / bus station where inner and intercity passenger transportation is carried out.
  • Wednesday, 21 October Factories, enterprises etc. where collective workers are employed, especially in organized industrial zones. places and personnel services,
  • Thursday, October 22 Persons subjected to isolation due to diagnosis or contact,
  • Friday, October 23 Shopping malls, mosques and masjids, astro pitches / sports facilities,
  • 24 October Saturday Public areas (streets, streets, parks and gardens, picnic areas, marketplaces, beaches, etc.) where our citizens can be found in crowds.
  • Sunday, 25 October Barbershops / hairdressers / beauty centers, internet cafes / salons and electronic game venues, wedding and / or wedding halls, funfair / theme parks

The inspections will be planned and implemented in such a way that their effectiveness and visibility are at the highest level. Inspection teams will consist of representatives of relevant public institutions and organizations (law enforcement, local administrations, provincial / district directorates, etc.), village / neighborhood mukhtars and professional chambers, taking into account the expertise of each business line or location.

The issue of mask and physical distance will be reminded once again to the citizens with announcements and announcements

With all kinds of announcements, citizens will be reminded that the physical distance rule is a rule that must be followed in all areas of life and in all places, that crowded gathering in closed areas poses a risk to public health and that indoor areas need to be ventilated frequently, as it is predicted that the concentration will increase in closed areas as the weather starts to cool.

Across the country in order to increase awareness of citizens on this issue,

“Our dear citizens;

In the fight against the epidemic, we must be very careful about respecting the rules of masks, cleanliness and distance. Dear fellow countrymen, We entered Autumn, winter is approaching. We should be more careful about the physical distance rule, especially in all closed places and areas where density increases. We are all responsible to each other in the epidemic. I hope we will succeed together. "  announcements will be made.

Proceedings Will Be Started Regarding Those Who Make Missing, Incomplete or Misleading Contact Reports

It has been determined that there has been a decrease in the rate of contact reporting recently and that citizens are reluctant to report contact, except for their first-degree relatives. Upon this, if the false, incomplete, and misleading statements of persons diagnosed with Kovid-19 are detected, an administrative action will be taken in accordance with the relevant articles of the Public Health Law. Turkish Penal Code regarding criminal behavior 206th Necessary judicial proceedings will be initiated under article.

Municipalities Will Provide Urban Public Transport and HEPP Integration as soon as possible

In the circular, it was also stated that some municipalities, especially metropolitan cities, did not carry out the works for the integration of HEPP with the Ministry of Health. Thereupon, it was requested that the provisions on the basic procedures and principles regarding the integration of urban public transportation systems and HEPP should be carried out within the framework of the circular sent to the provinces before and the necessary integrations be carried out as soon as possible. In the Circular, it was stated that this issue will be followed especially in inspections or investigations to be carried out by the inspectors of our Ministry.

In line with the aforementioned decisions by the Governors and District Governors, the decisions of the Provincial / District General Hygiene Boards will be taken urgently in accordance with the 27th and 72nd articles of the General Health Law. There will be no disruption in the application and no grievances will be caused. Those who do not comply with the decisions taken will be subject to administrative action in accordance with the relevant articles of the General Hygiene Law. Necessary judicial proceedings will be initiated within the scope of Article 195 of the Turkish Penal Code regarding criminal behavior.

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