İzmir Volunteers Prepare for Natural Disasters

İzmir Volunteers Prepare for Natural Disasters
İzmir Volunteers Prepare for Natural Disasters

In order to solve the housing problem after earthquakes and similar disasters, a training to set up tents was given to volunteers and service groups within the municipality under the leadership of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department continues its preparations for possible disasters in the city, which is located in an earthquake zone. In this context, 800 tents were purchased by the Fire Department and 200 by the Social Services Department. The expert personnel working within the fire department started to provide training on setting up and dismantling the purchased tents in order to quickly respond to the need for shelter during an earthquake. Groups of five people were formed for the trainings given at the Fire and Natural Disaster Training Center in Şirinkapı District of Buca. Each group received training to set up and dismantle tents from firefighters.

"We must be prepared for disasters"

İzmir Fire Department Deputy Head İsmail Derse, who made a statement on the subject, reminded that İzmir is a city located in an earthquake zone and therefore tent-building trainings are important. Emphasizing that the need for shelter will be one of the main issues in a possible disaster, İsmail Derse said, “It is important to react quickly in such events. As soon as the need for shelter reaches the highest level, we will provide this support and we will achieve most of this with volunteers. That's why we care about volunteer training.

He said that they wanted disasters not to occur and that nobody be hurt, but that this was not possible, and that it was important to be prepared for such a situation.

"We are with the people of Izmir in a possible disaster"

Düzgün Atmaca, one of the volunteer citizens who attended the training, stated that they loved İzmir and that nobody wanted earthquakes to happen. Atmaca explained that they attended trainings to be prepared for a possible disaster. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Police Department staff also participated in the training program. Police officer İsmail Sarıbaş said, “We learned to set up and dismantle disaster tents here. I hope it never happens, but we stand by the people of İzmir in a possible disaster ”.

"The trainings have been very efficient"

Search and Rescue Association (AKUT) volunteer Asım Ablak and his team also participated in training to set up tents. Stating that İzmir is one of the cities in earthquake zone, Ablak said, “We learned how to quickly set up the tents bought by the municipality. "We will go and tell our own teams about it." Fikret Bozkurt from Çiğli Municipality Search and Rescue Team (ÇAK) said, “We have a team established by Çiğli Municipality on a voluntary basis. We also have enough equipment and staff, but we also learned how to set up these larger tents. "These trainings have been very efficient in order to help more people."

To the trainings; AKUT teams from the Police Department, Social Services Department, Sports Department and non-governmental organizations, Çiğli Municipality Search and Rescue teams, and with love, Izmir Volunteers participated in the Housing Working Group. Participation certificates were given to those who received training. Tent building and dismantling training will continue for a while.

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