A National Autonomy Technologies Strategy Should Be Determined

A National Autonomy Technologies Strategy Should Be Determined
A National Autonomy Technologies Strategy Should Be Determined

Technology that started in October 2018 under the leadership of HAVELSAN SohbetHAVELSAN TV, with the theme of “Autonomous Technologies”, one of the most important technologies of today and the near future, was held on 8-10 September. YouTube channel, live broadcasts online.

In the sessions that lasted for 3 days; The opinions of both the representatives of defense industry companies and experts from the academic world met with the audience. YouTube The audience's questions sent over were answered.

HAVELSAN General Manager Dr. In the opening speech of the event, Mehmet Akif Nacar stated that “Autonomous technologies are among the most exciting and curious fields of work with the potential to shape the future and offer a new life form to humanity, and thanked all participants for their contributions to this important event.

The panel titled "Autonomous Supported Multi-Layer Warfare" held on the first day was held by HAVELSAN R&D Technology and Product Management Director Dr. It was moderated by Tacettin Köprülü.

To the panel; HAVELSAN Training and Simulation Technologies Deputy General Manager Muhittin Solmaz, ASELSAN Unmanned Land and Sea Vehicles Program Manager Çiğdem Şen Özer, ROKETSAN Artificial Intelligence Technologies Group Manager Dr. Umut Demirezen and TUSAŞ Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Group Manager Güven Orkun Tanık attended. In the panel, the concept of multi-layered warfare and how autonomous technologies can be used in these wars both today and in the future were discussed.

From the studies carried out in defense industry companies; HAVELSAN's digital troops, ASELSAN's transportation of the swarm concept to the sea, the algorithms developed by ROKETSAN, and the solutions produced by TAI for helicopters, aircraft and UAVs came to the fore.

In the second day's panel on "Autonomous Technologies of the Present and the Future", Prof. Dr. Tankut Acarman was the moderator.

HAVELSAN Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group Leader Gürkan Çetin, Bilkent University Electrical and Electronics Department Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Serdar Kozat, METU Computer Engineering Department Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Erol Şahin, Kuartis General Manager Dr. Ahmet Saraçoğlu, Selvi Technology General Manager Şeref Burak Selvi and Asisguard Engineering Director Akın Günönü evaluated the vision of autonomous technologies in our country and the differences affecting the success criteria between simulation and field tests in autonomous systems.

Factors affecting the security of autonomous systems and measures that can be taken were discussed in the panel on "Autonomous Technologies Security" on the third and last day. HAVELSAN Cyber ​​Security Services Group Leader Dr. The panel where Mert Özarar was the moderator; STM Cyber ​​Security Big Data Director Sedat Salman, ASELSAN Unmanned and Autonomous Systems Design Manager Burak Yenigün, Atılım University Civil Aviation School Director Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Nafiz Alemdaroğlu and HAVELSAN Product Manager Abdullah Alphan Erten attended.

In his closing speech, HAVELSAN R&D Technology and Product Management Director Dr. Tacettin Köprülü stated, “As the consensus of academics and defense industry companies, one of the most important outputs of the three days is the need to determine the“ National Autonomy Technologies Strategy ”. Noting that the determination of this strategy will speed up the technology studies and outputs to be carried out, Köprülü said, “In this context, we would like to host the Autonomous Technologies Strategy Workshop in the coming period. In this workshop, besides the technological studies, the legal and ethical dimensions of the work should definitely be taken into consideration. " He spoke in the form.

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