Shooting Tests of the Miniature Bomb on F-16 Fighter Aircrafts Continue

Shooting Tests of the Miniature Bomb on F-16 Fighter Aircrafts Continue

Defense Industry President İsmail Demir shared on his official Twitter account on September 12, 2020, and stated that the firing tests of the Miniature Bomb continue.

Defense Industry President Prof. Dr. According to the images shared by İsmail Demir, the miniature bomb developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE and ASELSAN from the F-16 fighter plane was fired from the multi-transport field developed by ASELSAN. İsmail Demir shared, "16 bombs can be transported on an F-4 wing with the developed Multiple Transport Area. We aim to integrate the 145 kg Miniature Bomb, which will be two different warheads with penetrating and particle effect, into our UAVs. " said.

The drilling range of the Miniature Bomb, which has a maximum range of 100 km, in 1 meter reinforced concrete was previously shared as 55 km. In the new share, this value was specified as 65 km.

Miniature Bombs, which will allow F-16 warplanes to attack more targets at the same time, will allow saturation attacks to different targets or the same targets at the same time. By integrating it into UAVs, sheltered targets will be destroyed from long distances by sacrificing less useful load capacities.

Miniature Bomb

The Miniature Bomb (MB) is an integrated GPS / INS (GPS / INS) guided ammunition that can be fired from the air platform via the Multiple Transport Field (ÇTS) and can be used against hard and soft land targets. MB can be carried 4 units in one station of the aircraft with its Multi Transport Field, allows to attack 8 different targets in a single sortie, is effective against targets at a range of 55 NM with its opening wings, can pierce concrete reinforced with its piercing nose structure, and has less environmental damage with its sensitive strike capability. INS is a guided bomb.

General features

• 4 MB can be uploaded and transported to ÇTS. In this way, an ETS is carried on each wing of the F-16 platform and enables the neutralization of 8 different targets in a single sortie.

• The wings that were closed before being released from the aircraft open a while after they are released from the aircraft and provide the aerodynamic lift required for the longest range.

• MB, which can be used effectively against structurally reinforced targets and shelters, has the features of drilling 65 meter thick pressurized concrete (with 1 PSI strength) within 5000 km range and explosion inside.

• It can be used effectively in destroying strategic targets in city conflicts and in areas with civilian settlements with its feature of hitting the desired target with high precision and low secondary damage.


Technicial Specifications

  • Maximum Range: 100km
  • Range: 55 NM
  •  Altitude: 40000 ft (MSL)
  • POCKET: <15 meters
  •  Guidance: GPS / INS
  •  Penetrating Activity: from 65 km range
  • Drilling 1 Meter of Reinforced Concrete

Multiple Transport Area

The Multiple Transport Registers developed by ASELSAN are critical units that enable the integration of Guided munitions to warplanes and their release from these aircraft. The multi-transport platform is a transport platform that can carry 4 Miniature Bombs (MB), attaches to two stations of the F-16 aircraft and provides the opportunity to attack 8 different targets in one sortie.

General features

• 4 Miniature Bomb transport and release
Intelligent ammunition management
• Pre and During Flight Planning
Easy to be ready for the task and low maintenance requirement (pneumatic release mechanism)
Fast and easy weapon loading / unloading
Front / Rear piston power adjustment
Adjustable release speed
• Easy to maintain
Multiple shot envelope calculation

Source: DefenseTurkish

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