Menteşe Bus Station Receives Its Electricity from the Sun

Menteşe Bus Station Receives Its Electricity from the Sun
Menteşe Bus Station Receives Its Electricity from the Sun

Menteşe Intercity Bus Terminal produced 100 percent of the electricity consumed in July and August by itself thanks to the solar panels integrated into the structure and saved 68 TL.

Mugla Metropolitan Municipality Hinge district gained with 11 million TL investment and building integrated with a rooftop solar energy first hinge Intercity Bus Terminal in Turkey to meet the roof of the energy consumed in July and August, the municipal budget and made a great contribution to the environment. Producing 34 kWh electricity in July and 38 kWh electricity from its integrated roof in August, Menteşe Intercity Bus Station consumed 32 kWh electricity in July and 28 kWh in August. Thanks to solar panels producing 100 percent of the energy it consumes, 68 TL was saved.

President Gürün; "Worthy of Mugla, we produce sample projects in Turkey"

Saying that Muğla is a perfect city that inspires them with its natural and unique beauties, Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Osman Gure's innovative, exemplary projects and services that keep pace with the era in Turkey said they are proud and happy to implement.

President Gürün; “Muğla is a perfect city where mother nature behaves most generously, with its green and blue unique and fertile lands, it makes its producers smile. Another feature of our mug is that it is a luckier province than other cities in terms of sunbathing time. For this reason, we have solar panels in our slaughterhouse in Menteşe district, on the roof of our Menteşe Intercity Bus Station, on the roof of our Bodrum Konacık Service building and Bodrum Intercity Bus Station, which is about to be completed. By converting solar energy into electricity, we protect both our environment and our budget. With the commissioning of the roof of our Bodrum Intercity Bus Station, we will have an installed power of 1087 kWh from solar panels throughout the province. Our facilities, which will produce energy from the sun, equal to the annual electricity consumption of approximately 1000 households, will provide an economic benefit of approximately 1 million TL to the budget of our municipality. " said.

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