Labeling is Important for the Consumer

Labeling is Important for the Consumer
Labeling is Important for the Consumer

Companies encounter various difficulties during the application of the labels, which are the first contact of the product with the consumer. Having a quality standard on the label increases the quality of the product in the eyes of the consumer.

Labels that ensure the correct and healthy storage of products are also shaped according to anti-counterfeiting measures and legal requirements. Manufacturers from different sectors have difficulty choosing labeling systems for different product types.

Novexx Solutions offers a wide range of labeling systems to accurately and reliably apply self-adhesive labels of all shapes and sizes to any product.

Whether you use narrow or wide labels or work in damp or dry environments, Novexx Solutions' reliable labeling systems provide excellent labeling performance and accuracy in harsh environments that are constantly running.


Novexx Solutions XLS 2XX product can be used on products from personal care to electronics, from pharmaceuticals to food, from automotive to chemistry. It can operate 7/24 on difficult and uninterrupted lines and provides automatic adaptation to the conveyor belt speed.

It can be combined with a wide variety of applicators to meet almost any requirement.

There are solutions for a wide variety of product features such as flat, rough and sensitive surfaces, variable height products, moving and non-moving products, contactless labeling.

Providing solutions suitable for a wide range of products provides a great advantage for producers and creates a quality standard for consumers.

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