Alstom, Pioneer of Innovations in Transport and Mobility Hygiene and Safety in the World of Covid-19

Alstom, Pioneer of Innovations in Transport and Mobility Hygiene and Safety in the Covid-19 Outbreak
Alstom, Pioneer of Innovations in Transport and Mobility Hygiene and Safety in the Covid-19 Outbreak

As quarantine restrictions are gradually eased and people adjust to the new normal, many people question what the new normal will be for public transport and mobility. In the world of COVID-19, safety and hygiene are at the heart of people's concerns, with the need for assurance that the health and well-being of those who commute every day will be a top priority when it comes to transport and mobility.

As a global leader in rail transport and sustainable mobility, Alstom seeks to mitigate these concerns by making the most of the quarantine era, investing in accelerating the development of exceptional health and well-being mobility incentives.

Within Alstom, a dedicated team of experts has brought together core expertise and resources across all technical domains, working in coordination with internationally recognized authorities and organizations such as health and virology laboratories to provide innovative hygiene, health and safety solutions.

In doing so, the team presented a comprehensive and approved solution portfolio based on micro-organism propagation mechanisms and in-depth scientific technical knowledge to reduce the spread of the virus both in the air and on surfaces. The portfolio of solutions ready for action and being developed guarantees:

  • protect the health of passengers and employees
  • limiting the impact on the environment and energy consumption
  • maintain equipment reliability

Alstom Near East Grubuv Turkey General Manager of Mama SOUGOUFAR found in the following statement: "Covidien 19 when it first appeared threats of pandemics, Alstom special working group set up using the broad expertise of its members in all technical domains affected by health crises and resources. This group focused not only on health, hygiene and safety solutions for trains, but also passenger density management in transport areas. ”

He continues, adding, “In addition to developing innovative solutions designed to protect passengers and restore their sense of trust, our company has also accelerated the approval of complementary solutions expected to be ready in the coming months. These development solutions are focused on major virucidal developments (solutions capable of deactivating or destroying viruses). "

“As a stable company committed to providing sustainable solutions for healthier transport, Alstom will continue to work alongside its valued customers, supporting them in their mobility challenges and continually seeking innovative solutions.” he concluded his words.

Alstom, it has long been active for 70 years in Turkey. The Istanbul office serves as a regional center for the Africa-Middle East-Central Asia region and for signaling and system projects. All bidding, project management, design, procurement, engineering and maintenance services for signaling and system projects in the AMECA region are carried out from Istanbul. Turkey, with Alstom's regional project is a major center for the export of qualified local talent.

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