Good News from IMM to Taxi Drivers, Tourists and Service Drivers

Good News from IMM to Taxi Drivers, Tourism and Service Drivers
Good News from IMM to Taxi Drivers, Tourists and Service Drivers

IMM; Two new decisions were made to compensate for the taxi drivers, servicemen and tourism transporters. Taxi and tourism transportation were completely separated with the instructions of İBB President İmamoğlu, who wanted to bring a new and piracy-free model to transportation in Istanbul. So; 9 + 1 vehicle owners who could not obtain a “Tourism Transport Certificate”, despite the absence of a preventive legislative change in the previous IMM administration, paved the way. The decision will increase the brand value of the city by strengthening tourism transportation in Istanbul. It will also relieve taxi drivers by hitting the pirate. On the other hand, the previous administration's decision to limit services in Istanbul 12 days before the elections was also discussed. Due to the decision, the victims were given the right to apply. As a result of the applications, contrary to some claims, only about a thousand new vehicles will enter the sector. The victimization of those who lost their rights despite being in the sector before will be remedied UKOME's approval is required for the decision to take effect.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has rolled up its sleeves to be a remedy for the problems of taxi drivers, tourism transporters and service workers who have been victimized due to the decisions taken in the previous administration periods. He went to new regulations that solve the problems. With the instruction of IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, who stated that they are preparing for a model that destroys pirate studies many times before, taxi driving and tourism transportation in Istanbul were completely separated from each other. This decision paved the way for tradesmen who could not obtain a “Tourism Transport Certificate” for their 9 + 1 vehicles for years. At the same time, a step was taken towards eliminating the pirate taxi business. In addition to these, it gave the right to apply to the tradesmen who could not step into the sector due to the restrictions imposed on the services in the previous period, although they had a 'chamber activity certificate'. With this decision, it is expected that about a thousand beneficiaries will contribute to the sector.


As it is known, in Istanbul; Tradesmen operating for business, travel, meeting, site visits and similar purposes must obtain a "Tourism Transport Certificate". This document has been issued by the IMM Directorate of Public Transportation Services since 2016, according to the law. However, the previous administration of IMM did not issue a “Tourism Transport Certificate” to 9 + 1 vehicles on the pretext that it was used for misuse. Many lawsuits were filed against IMM because of this practice, which was carried out without any legislative changes preventing the issuance of documents. The lawsuits filed resulted in favor of the carriers, the winners received their documents. However, many tradesmen, due to this administrative decision, could not engage in transportation activities for many years and suffered economic loss. In addition, the lack of 9 + 1 vehicles serving tourism in many world cities both caused the disruption of tourism transportation in the city and damaged the Istanbul brand.


With its new regulation, IMM aimed to relieve the grievances of the tradesmen engaged in tourism transportation, on the one hand, and to protect the taxi tradesmen against those who do tax-free and pirate business. Within the framework of the measures taken, tourism service transportation has been made with reservations. He left taxiing completely. With the new regulation, the following conditions were imposed for vehicles with at least 10 seats to operate in the sector:

  • TÜRSAB agency will make the reservation of the vehicle at least 120 minutes before.
  • The reservation will be integrated with the website of IMM Public Transportation Services Directorate, E-TUHIM.
  • The number of passengers to be transported, identity information, start, intermediate and end points of the route will be entered on the site.
  • In the vehicle, there will be an information tape (sticker) given by TÜRSAB indicating that it is a tourism passenger carrier.
  • The vehicle will be registered with the IMM Public Transportation Management Center.


The vehicles will be very easy to control. When the inspection units scan the data matrix of the Tourism Service Vehicle Route Document, the inspection units will easily access the information of the transporter, driver, passenger and route; will be able to confirm their accuracy.


Another arrangement made by the IMM focused on solving the problems of the service providers. The previous administration limited the number of services serving in the city with the restraint decision taken on June 12, 11, 2019 days before the repeated Istanbul local elections. During the implementation phase of the decision, some people who currently provide service and earn their living by service have been excluded from the system and have been incapacitated.


The new administration of IMM, headed by İmamoğlu, also took action to remedy this grievance. With the decision of UKOME (Transportation Coordination Center) taken on 20 August 2020, those who prove that they provide service on 25 May 2015 with their documents, have the right to apply once only, provided that they meet the same conditions. Approximately 1400 applications were made to benefit from this right. IMM approved only 377 applications as a result of the preliminary examination.


However, between 25 May 2015 and 11 June 2019, when the restriction decision was taken, this change was not enough to eliminate the grievances, as the carriers who were found and continued their service were also excluded from the system. IMM made a new decision to resolve the grievance. According to this; The right holders who have not received a 'service transport card / plate' before, although they have a 'room activity certificate', have opened the way to apply once again. However, for the realization of this decision taken by IMM, the approval of UKOME, which is dominated by central government institutions, is required.


When the decision is implemented, tens of thousands of new vehicles will not be included in the system, as some circles aiming to mislead the public have stated. Unlike; Approximately one thousand vehicles will be added to the sector where there are 56 thousand 482 services in total. With this process, the grievances of those who have worked in the system before and who only provide service will be eliminated.


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