Mayor Yavaş Seeks Credit for Mamak Metro Project

president slow sewing house seeking credit for nata vega metro project
president slow sewing house seeking credit for nata vega metro project

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş announced that they are working on the new metro line that will pass through Mamak. While the new line that will extend to the east of the capital is planned to be six stops, searches for resources started for the project. As part of the new transportation projects, Ankaray is planned to be extended to the west. For the new projects, Transportation Planner Erhan Öncü said, “It would have been necessary to do it already.

Newspaper WallAccording to the news of Serkan Alan; “Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş announced at the parliamentary meeting that they started working on the new metro project in Ankara. The new line, which is planned to extend from Dikimevi to the east of Ankara, is planned to end at the Nata Vega shopping center. Work on finding loans for the new metro line, which is planned to consist of six stops, has also started. Municipality continues to work on suitable stop points on the new line to be built as a continuation of Ankaray. On the other hand, the efforts to connect the AŞTİ stop, which is the beginning of Ankaray, to the west, to the metro line on Eskişehir road, continue.

According to Transportation Planner Erhan Oncu, who stated that Ankaray, which provides service at the current 8 kilometers, was planned to continue towards the east of the city during the period of former mayor Murat Karayalcin, this step of the slow management is also in line with the first plans of the project. Stating that the municipality has the knowledge that it is in negotiations with the relevant companies, Öncü said, “In this process, it turned out that Ankaray's system cannot be updated. Therefore, it will be renewed at both ends. It is a reasonable investment, but do they get credit and approval from the central government? "The central government does not approve CHP municipalities in anything," he said.

Stating that the Ankaray line, which has been serving Ankara residents since 1996, has the capacity to carry 25 thousand people per hour, but 8-9 thousand people can be transported, Öncü said, “If this renewal is done, the trains will be able to be operated more frequently and the capacity will be more available.” .


He reminded that Ankara Transportation Master Plan was prepared in cooperation with Gazi University during the period of former Mayor of Ankara Melih Gökçek, but this was not approved by the city council. "Continue the old-fashioned rail systems, let's talk about new ones five years later," he said. Even the Ministry of Transport did not trust the new subways proposed by Gökçek. The ministry is not likely to oppose the planned lines as it was in the previous plans. It is not objectionable, but they can also prevent money from being given, just like in Istanbul rail systems. Can it be found from outside, can be done without state guarantee, a separate issue. Looking at these projects had to be done by now. ”


Stating that the long-term step to improve Ankara's transportation is to update the transportation master plan, Oncu said that existing transportation companies should be reorganized:

“Transportation companies in Ankara need to be reorganized. Especially in rail system transportation, new series and vehicles should be purchased. Licenses should be arranged accordingly. The system still works with the arrangements made by Gökçek. Gökçek's arrangements were a system where private businesses, buses and minibuses were active rather than rail systems. The system needs to be overhauled and reorganized. Ankara does not have high beams in transportation, but it goes quickly in the dark. The city is growing and individual decisions are made. While there is a need to update the transportation master plan for the long term, it is necessary to prepare an emergency action plan in a short time. ”

Ankara Metro and Ankaray Map


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