Mayor Zorluoğlu Promised Modern Bus Action Center to Drivers

President Zoroglu gave sofors a modern bus action center
President Zoroglu gave sofors a modern bus action center

The bus drivers thanked Mayor Zorluoğlu, who met with them in the morning and personally provided the offer. Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Kurtuluş, TULAŞ A.Ş. President Zorluoğlu with the drivers in the organization, which was attended by General Manager Arif Emecan and department heads. sohbet asked about his troubles.


Stating that they attach special importance to ensuring that the municipal personnel work under the best conditions, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “We are planning to build a very beautiful building in the area where the movement authority is located. His project is about to finish. It suits you, you can sit comfortably in it, sohbet It will be a place where you can accept your guests. At the same time, we will make a nice facility that is worthy of Trabzon and you can follow all buses and minibuses from a single center. It is really difficult to drive a bus in the streets until the evening. I am aware that you are very tired. For this reason, we want to create clean, decent environments where you can lean on your back and have a tea at least when you take a break. As the project is completed, we will start the construction in a short time. We want to make a very good transport operations center. We will also remove the existing containers from here. Everything will now be on the electronic screen. "The new operation center will be built in a way that we will benefit from all technological opportunities."


Providing information about new buses, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “We are trying to increase the quality of our buses. There was a special situation about our new buses and we gave 9 new buses to Elazig. They needed a bus, ours were ready. Our Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Süleyman Soylu called me and we need an emergency bus in 'Elazig'. Buses coming out of the tape were coming to you. Let's postpone yours for 15-20 days, can you give them to us? ' said. I'm on the head. I said to our brothers, fellow countrymen, earthquake survivors in Elazığ and be happy. We wait another 15-20 days, nothing will happen. We will renew our buses every year. Currently, 2019 buses will arrive. Now we will take the 2020 buses. We are working to make our buses comfortable and ride comfortable ”.


Emphasizing that Trabzon has worked meticulously to solve the transportation problem, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “The modernization process of Dolmuş continues. I will explain the final decision shortly. I believe we will make a good transformation. Hopefully, we will ease the transportation problem of Trabzon in a few years by building new roads and opening new parking lots. We assigned our new friends with their team. While managing this process, your ideas are very important to us. We started the soup from tea, and we hope that we will do better things together according to our plans. Take our soup as a small gesture to show that we love and think you. But I hope we will be proud when we see the last situation of this operation center together a few years later. ”


Mentioning the difficulties in transportation in the city after the snowfall, Metropolitan Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu said, “Last week, especially in the afternoon, Saturday, our minibuses are inadequate. We provided free transportation by directing both our buses and service minibuses to busy stops in order to provide convenience to them and not to keep our citizens in the cold for a long time. We delivered more than 3 citizens to their homes safe that day. I sincerely thank our chauffeur friends for this matter. ”



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