Uludağ Winter Festival Will Be A Colorful Scene For This Year

Uludağ Winter Season
Uludağ Winter Season

Uludağ Winter Festival, which is planned for the fourth time this year by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, will be held between 8-9 February. Stating that the organization hosted thousands of citizens last year, Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş invited all citizens from 7 to 70 to Uludağ to spend a weekend with their hearts, with cardboard sled design competition, sled activities and eskimo house construction platforms.

determine the future vision of Bursa as tourism and in this direction that the city has all the natural beauty and attaches importance to the organization to highlight Metropolitan Municipality, which is one of Turkey's most important ski centers is organizing a winter festival in Uludag. The event, which is organized for the fourth time this year, will be held in the area next to the cable car station in Uludağ 8nd Development Zone between February 9-2. Citizens who want to spend two full days from sled activities to igloo production, from cardboard sled competitions to music events, can buy event tickets that will include round-trip transportation, food and beverage services. I www.uludagkissenligi.co ve I www.bursakultur.co extension from internet addresses. Citizens who want to come to the festival with their own vehicles will be able to benefit from the services in the area free of charge.

Meeting at the summit

Mayor Alinur Aktas, Uludag Winter Festival, made a press release. Emphasizing that they set the vision of Bursa as a tourism in the future, Mayor Aktaş stated that they share the steps to be taken in this direction and the investments to be made frequently with the public and that Uludağ Winter Festival is one of these organizations. Festival last year, thousands of citizens that meet at the summit, cardboard sled design contest, sled events and igloo construction platform with 7 to 70 to all the participants of President reminded that spent a weekend unless their hearts Aktas, "which is Turkey's largest winter and outdoor sports center Uludag will host the fourth of our event this year. Organized with the contribution of Bursa Culture Tourism and Promotion Association, the organization will be held on 8-9 February.

Winning competition

President Aktas, Uludag Winter Festival is open to all citizens, stating that the organization will be held within the scope of an award-winning competition, he added. Award-winning carton sled contest and Eskimo house construction event records I www.uludagkissenligi.co Mayor Aktaş said üzerinden Our citizens will be able to participate in the carton sled competition. The competition will be held in the best time and design categories; In both categories, the first one will receive half gold, the second quarter quarter gold and the third one gram gold. ” President Aktas, Turkey igloo construction activity to be expressed athletes with climbers from the Mountaineering Federation license. Mayor Aktaş stated that licensed mountaineers will be able to help the citizens in the construction of an igloo house and said, “In this way, athletes and our citizens will be integrated. For those who want to spend two full days, the event tickets include round-trip transport, food and beverage services by cable car. I www.uludagkissenligi.co s I www.bursakultur.co addressable web sites. The citizens who want to participate in the event with their own vehicles will be able to benefit from the sled and eskimo house construction activities in the festival area free of charge. We are waiting all Bursali to our organization between 8th and 9th of February in order to relive this excitement with our families. ”

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