We do not want a green bus in Bursa campaign

We do not want green buses in Bursa campaign: A social media petition was launched to ban the Private Public Buses, which are claimed to endanger the environment and human health, from traffic.

The lack of a solution by Bursa Governorship, Metropolitan Municipality, Police Department UKOME, Special Public Bus Drivers and BURULAŞ to the environmental problem and poor quality of service that has been experienced by public bus drivers in Bursa for years causes the reaction of the citizens.

The jet-black exhaust smoke from private public buses carrying passengers in the city of Bursa does not fall on the agenda of the citizens. Citizens who react to public buses that use oil instead of quality diesel, http://www.change.org launched a petition under the heading "Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Burulaş does not want green buses" at its address.

With the signature campaign, the citizens who wanted inspection and emission measurements of the buses operated with BURULAŞ with the phrase 'Bursa Private Public Bus' also demanded that their drivers be examined routinely and monthly.

Public bus drivers in recent years, as well as poor quality fuel, the car is very old, dirty, the Prime Minister was given the right to free access to the elderly people with the allegations of ill-treatment. Citizens who want to participate in the campaign, We hope www.change.org/p/bursa-büyükşehir-belediyesi-burulaş-yeşil-otobüs-iste address.

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