Grievances will be History with Electronic Notification System

with electronic notification system will be the date of aggrievedness
with electronic notification system will be the date of aggrievedness

Minister Turhan, in his speech at the Electronic Notification Promotion Program held at Sheraton Ankara Hotel with the participation of Minister of Justice Abdulhamit Gül, said that the world has passed through a more intertwined period regarding information and communication technologies than ever before.

Stating that the information and communication technologies developing day by day have become an integral part of both human life and public functioning, Turhan said, “Today, there is no area where information and communication technologies do not penetrate from transportation to defense, industry to health, education to justice services. On the one hand, everything becomes smarter while on the other hand more data is kept in technological systems. ” said.

Pointing out that transferring, producing, sharing and accessing the physical information to digital media means making it easy for individuals and institutions, Turhan expressed that they are trying to do so as the Ministry.

“PTT has done its job well”

Turhan stated that they do it in order to close the distance, to access information comfortably, to carry out communication in a healthy way, to make the difficult easier, and that roads, highways, bridges, airports, railways, harbors, communication infrastructures make the face of the citizen smile, lighten the burden, and also contribute to the development and welfare of the country. He said he provided.

Turhan pointed out the role of PTT in the Electronic Notification System and said:

“PTT has adequately fulfilled its responsibility for the establishment of the Electronic Notification System. The system was built upon the delivery of the notification process, which takes many days, to the relevant person within seconds by e-notification application. Thus, we have enabled our justice system to function at a better quality and faster. As of January 1, 2020, a new phase has been started in the implementation of the Electronic Notification System, which has been in force for about a year. I believe that the system will become widespread in a short time with the work of our Ministry of Justice. ”

“The system has been integrated into digital applications”

Emphasizing that the system is one of the most important stages of the digital transformation strategy, Turhan said that this is also integrated into digital applications such as e-Government.

Minister Turhan, stating that it has sufficient capacity for the system to expand with new users, said, “There is no problem in the operation of the system. It's time to apply. ” he spoke.

Stating that 1 million 200 thousand accounts, which are obliged to receive electronic notification addresses, are waiting to be activated by their owners, Turhan said, “With the Electronic Notification System, delays and disruptions due to these delays will be history.” found the assessment.

Turhan pointed out that one of the most important contributions of the system will be to the nature, “In the past year, 19 million notifications were delivered to the relevant people through the system. Thus, 8 thousand trees were saved from cutting. I hope the number of trees saved will reach hundreds of thousands. In addition, substantial financial savings will be provided. Last year, the savings achieved through the system submissions reached 200 million pounds. ” said.

Turhan stated that all the works and the technological systems put into practice are for the people and the country, and invited those concerned to create electronic notification addresses as soon as possible.

Hakan Gülten, General Manager of PTT AŞ, also noted that they developed the Electronic Notification System in a short period of 6 months and presented it to the service of the concerned.

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