Animal-Friendly Buses Are On The Road In Kocaeli

Animal-Friendly Buses on the Road in Kocaeli
Animal-Friendly Buses on the Road in Kocaeli

Transportation Park, one of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, initiated the Animal Friendly Transportation Project, which was carried out in partnership with the Veterinary Branch Directorate under the Health and Social Services Department. Within the scope of the project, cat-dog food was given to all drivers of TransportPark in special packages. Drivers will feed the street animals they see on the route from the food left on their vehicles.


The Park also affixed animal-friendly transportation stickers to 336 buses going to all districts of the city. Specially designed stickers were affixed to the front door of the vehicles. TransportationPark, which provides transportation to Kocaeli, has succeeded in signing another project that will make a difference and be an example.


Cat-dog food was left in special packages for all buses owned by transportation. Within the scope of the project, the information text was also released to the drivers. When cats or dogs are seen on the road, the drivers were asked to drive the vehicle to a safe place and give the food put into the vehicle to the animals.


Assign a sample signature projects throughout Turkey ulaşımpark, he hits the road thinking of stray animals. TransportationPark, which wants to support street animals albeit to a certain extent, will feed the cats or dogs seen on the route thanks to its drivers and feed their hungry bellies. TransportPark officials stated that the cats or dogs in need of care will be informed to the Metropolitan Municipality Veterinary Branch Directorate by their drivers and their details about the animal.

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