Construction of Overpass in Ulukışla Boğazköprü Line

Highway overpass at Malatya cetinkaya line, tender result
Highway overpass at Malatya cetinkaya line, tender result

Ulukışla Boğazköprü Line Km: Overpass at 58 + 360 Tender Result

Turkish State Railways Enterprise 2nd Regional Purchasing Service Directorate (TCDD) has been awarded the tender for Overpass Construction in Ulukışla Boğazköprü Line Km: 2019 + 688316 with the limit value of 10.459.381,16/15.820.430,31 KIK and the limit value of 58 TL and the approximate cost of 360 TL. 60 firms submitted bids and HAKAN KARABULUT - KARABULUT CONSTRUCTION joint venture won the tender with a bid of 10.464.546,19. 9 companies participating in the tender submitted under the limit value.

The tender covers 49315,25 m3 Reinforced Reinforced Wall Filling (Including Transport), Ø 413,39 - Ø 14 mm Thick Ribbed Steel Supply and Work (Including Transport) and Other Works for 32 Tons of Reinforced Concrete. The duration of the work is 350 (three hundred and fifty) calendar days from the place delivery.



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