DHMİ KİK Meeting Minutes Published

dhmi skip meeting minutes published
dhmi skip meeting minutes published

DHMİ KİK Meeting Minutes Published; Pursuant to Article 4688 and related regulations of the Law on Public Officials' Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining Law No. 41; 24.10.2019-2019 between DHMI General Directorate and Transportation Officer-Sen on 2. Minutes of the Board of Directors meeting of the Authority The website of the Authority was published in the Personnel Information section.

Deputy General Manager of Employer Representatives Mehmet Karakan, Head of Human Resources Department, Çiğdem Güvenç, Head of Financial Affairs Muhsin Karakurt, General Authorized Union Transport Officer-Sen Chairman Kenan Çalışkan and Deputy Chairman Murat Olgun attended the meeting of DHMİ KİK.

The issues discussed and decisions taken at the meeting are as follows in the attached file;


In accordance with Article 4688 and related Regulations of the Public Servants Unions and Collective Bargaining Law numbered 41, employer representatives Mehmet KARAKAN, Vice President of Human Resources Department, Çiğdem GÜVENÇ, Head of Financial Affairs Department and Muhsin KARAKURT, General Manager of MEMUR-SEN Union, and Kenan ÇALIŞKAN Asst. Murat OLGUN and the Board of Directors Meeting were held on 24.10.2019 under the chairmanship of Deputy General Manager Mehmet KARAKAN; the following points were discussed.

Requests from the Administrative Board of the Authority:

1-Employment of the Protection and Security Officer personnel employed in the Authority at the 46 age in the Officer Position and termination of the transition to Apron Officer in all positions and evaluation in the Officer position.

  • The Human Resources Department of the Protection and Security Officer's situation is monitored and planned for years to work,

2-Complementary Health Insurance for the personnel of the Institution.

  • The study will be initiated by the Financial Affairs Department, the Air Navigation Department and the Purchasing and Supply Department,

3-Ensuring that the Promotion of Duty / Title Change exams, which are important for increasing the loyalty and motivation of the personnel, are opened immediately.

  • According to the needs of our organization, promotion and title change exams are held and will be held again within the planning,

4-Due to the recent amendment to the Relocation Regulation, it has been reported that the personnel appointed as a result of Promotion or Title Change cannot request appointment before 4 year. It should be ensured that those assigned before the last amendment are exempted from this article.

  • Reassessment of the appointment periods determined in our Company's Personnel Relocation Procedures and Principles Directive,

5-RFF personnel are given 2 Tracksuit and Sport shoes annually in accordance with the instructions and instructions for use in sports activities.

  • Implementation of the regulation work to remove the Assigned (Chief) quotas in the 6 Lodging allocations, where the work has been initiated by the Department of Operation on the subject, and to convert them into a sequence allocated. In addition, all titles are included in the scoring and allocations are made. (Allocations made outside the province should be terminated and the number of dwellings allocated as well should be increased.)

6-Drafting of the allocated (Chief) quota in the allocation of the housing, to make the regulation work to convert the order allocation. In addition, all titles are included in the scoring and allocations are made. (Allocations made outside the province should be terminated and the number of dwellings allocated as well should be increased.)

  • Assignment of the allocated housing units within the framework of the Regulation published by the General Directorate of National Real Estate is not possible to make any changes for this reason, the work continues for housing and service houses (Istanbul Hv.Lim-SLOT Cor.Merk.)

7-To continue the recruitment of some of the personnel to be assigned to the AIM position with the KPSS assignment and some of them from within the Institution.

  • Within the framework of the procedures and principles set out in the regulation on the recruitment of AIM Officers, it is possible and the continuation of personnel employment with the KPSS appointment is more efficient and there are many cases stemming from previous internal appointments,

8-In the GCC meetings, the maintenance of the shifted places such as Seizure huts, Environmental towers, (VOR / NDB / SSY, etc.) stations, which were previously discussed, was requested to be provided with furnishing and deficiencies, but no arrangements have been made so far. The issue needs to be reconsidered.

  • Airport Directorates and Directorates; performing the controls of the VOR / NDB / SYS service houses connected to them and taking the necessary measures in accordance with the legislation;

9-In order to prevent unnecessary waste for years by making the Clothing Aid in cash and to keep the personnel in better quality clothes, the General Provisions of the Collective Bargaining are subject to 24. In accordance with the provision of cash assistance to all personnel.

  • The issue was followed by the Department of Support Services and the study was started,

10The service grievances discussed at the previous JCC meeting continue. It is important that the issue is resolved by the relevant presidency. (Eg Ataturk Airport, Bodrum Airport etc.)

  • Investigation and evaluation of the subject in the tenders to be held by Atatürk / Muğla Milas Bodrum Airport Directorate,

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