Yenikent Ayaş Road Works Accelerated

yenikent ayas road work accelerated
yenikent ayas road work accelerated

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is continuing its new road opening, road widening and asphalting works all over the capital.

Metropolitan Municipality, which has signed new projects that prioritize drivers' driving and road safety, accelerated the road expansion works of Yenikent Ayas Road.


In order to ease the traffic in many regions, the bridge continues to work on the intersection and road construction of the Metropolitan Municipality, for years, the traffic problem and waiting for a solution in the Yenikent Ayas Road hit the scalpel.

For the completion of the road expansion works that will greatly ease the traffic, the Department of Science Affairs, consisting of 50 people, is working hard with the 20 backhoe.


4 departure with safety lanes As the arrival of 4, Yenikent Ayas Road, which will be on the total 8 lane, will also reduce the traffic density in the region.

Yenikent, especially Ayaş, Güdül, Nallıhan and Beypazarı'nda citizens who use the current road 2 departure-2 arrival, indicating that the work between the Sincan OSB junction and Hasan Şahan Barracks, indicating that the work continues, Fen 2 excavator, 15 excavator, 1 truck, 1 loader, 1 grader, 50 cylinder and 7 team of people working with 24 / XNUMX, we will complete the road expansion work as soon as possible, we will serve our citizens. In the first stage, we will start excavation and fill works and we will gradually complete the road and we will be more comfortable in a problematic area in terms of traffic density ”.

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