New Street and Denizli Traffic is Refurbished

maritime traffic with the new street
maritime traffic with the new street

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality's new investment in the area of ​​transportation of one of the new traffic to the service area was relieved traffic. Citizens giving full marks to New Street, which saved a lot of time and fuel, made the analogy tasarruf It was like Paris vatandaş for the region.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which has put into service the investments that will put the transportation problem into history, has relieved the traffic of the New Street region. From the intersection of New Street and 29 October Boulevard, 415 Street and the former Karcı road; It was connected to Ahi Sinan intersection between Örnek Caddesi and Ahi Sinan Street between İlbade Cemetery and former Zahire Market. Starting from Old Zahire Market, the new road continues behind Tekden Hospital and provides uninterrupted access to 29 Ekim Boulevard. Along with the side roads, the connection between Yeni Caddesi, İzmir Boulevard and 2 October Boulevard, which is 30 km long, 29 meter wide, has been made and the traffic of Örnek Street, Ahi Sinan Street and Merkezefendi Street has become more streamlined.

“Paris“ analogy of citizens

The road of the 2 meter, which is the 40 meter, and the 16 meter wide bridge, which connects the XNUMX side of the New Street, have also received a full mark from the citizens.

Nuran Tunçbilek: We are very pleased. I was born here, I was born here. We went to school by jumping out of the water in the stream. When he sees us, he feels like Paris. We would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality. This place both visually beautified and relieved in terms of traffic. People reach their destination in a shorter time.

Emrah Bakkal: I think it's beautiful. Thank you very much to our Mayor Osman Zolan. I believe that there will be better things. There were no such roads before, now it is more beautiful, facilities are better.

Bayram iyol: It's nice. We got rid of the swamp. Very nice service, on-site service, what more? These services are not called bad, called 10 numbers. Thank God everyone, thanks to everyone who contributed.

Bulent Karabay: The road was beautiful, thank God. He used to be a piece of shit, and now it's a misery. God bless Osman Zolan from our president.

Güngör Süzen: God bless, be a good service, our neighborhood relieved. When it happened in the overpass in terms of traffic, arrival departures were comfortable in the citizen. We expect further services.

Ercüment Tunçbilek: This place was very nice compared to the past. Traffic is relieved. It was heavenly. Until now, there were roads, all of the bridges. Many thanks to our Mayor Osman Zolan.

“One of our most important transportation investments“

Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said that they are trying to keep the traffic sustainable according to the increasing number of vehicles and population since the first day they took office. President Osman Zolan noted that they have opened many new streets and boulevards with bridged intersections, intersection arrangements, over and underpasses, traffic management system and said, üst One of the most important transportation investments we have made in Yeni Cadde. We've brought relief from New Street and the occasional high-traffic zone traffic. We receive very positive responses from our citizens. Let it be good and auspicious again. Tekrar

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