President Slowly Signed Environmental Projects

baskan yavas signed by the new projects
baskan yavas signed by the new projects

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş has begun to implement an environmentally sensitive project for a capital with a more green and abundant oxygen.

President Yavaş, who wants to prepare a sample project that will encourage the use of natural resources, has instructed the bureaucrats to work on the establishment of a charging unit for electric vehicles and the provision of a rainwater collection pool in the housing sites as a condition of issuing a building permit in the capital.


Turkey is slowly starting to become widespread use of electric vehicles in major cities to promote prepared to increase the number of environmentally friendly vehicles, which President Slow project architect, he said the project would gain economies of both countries thanks to both the Capital of the economy.

baskan yavas signed by the new projects

Emphasizing that urgent measures should be taken to prevent air pollution caused by increasing vehicle density, President Yavaş said, layan The global consumption of water, which is one of our most important natural resources, without wasting is of great importance. In this direction, we aim to contribute to the economy of our country and Ankara citizens with the efficient use of natural resources and to support the use of electric vehicles against the air pollution caused by the vehicles. In the capital, clean air will be inhaled, water wastage will be prevented and thus our natural resources will be protected. Başkent


Indicating that they will work to promote the environmental project to be used in the capital, Yavuz said that they would encourage the establishment of electric vehicle charging systems and rainwater collection ponds for irrigation.

baskan yavas signed by the new projects

At the housing sites located in the borders of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the establishment of a system to charge electric vehicles and without the use of a rainwater collection depot for the purpose of irrigation of appropriate size, not to use a building permit, as well as to encourage this practice in the existing sites.

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