İsmet Yılmaz Used Railbus in Sivas

Minister of National Education İsmet Yılmaz and our Governor Davut Gül attended the opening ceremony of the railroad station, which will serve on the rail system between Sivas and Divriği district at the railway station.

In his speech, Minister Yilmaz said that from Sivas to Divrigi will be reached from now on more modern, more comfortable and more comfortable.

Stating that it is easy to destroy the beauties, Yılmaz said, “But it is very difficult to do. It is easy to remove, break, eliminate the lines, but it is not easy to pull the train line back to Divrigi. It is not easy to say, let's put back a ram It requires effort, effort. Turkey should give priority to Sivas from other provinces. For this, it is necessary to work, it is necessary to show effort. " he spoke.

Then the Minister Yilmaz, our governor Rose and the entourage cut the ribbon was put into service after the raft.

Then Yilmaz and Rose Raybaki ride into the town of Ulaş and Kangal. Yılmaz and Gül used the railroad car for a while in the district of Ulaş district.

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