Public Transportation 50 Percent Discount For Feast in Bursa

📩 24/12/2018 22:14

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas, Bursa, metro, trams and buses during the Ramadan Feast of all citizens will serve a discount of 50 announced.

The regular meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Council was held in June. During the meeting held at the parliament building on the Ankara Highway, a temporary "50 discount" decision was taken. The proposal regarding the issue was given by the AK Party parliament member and the deputy mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Ahmet Yıldız. In the evaluation made, the proposal covering the trip with a discount of% 50 in Bursa was accepted unanimously.

50 discount on extra second percent

Mayor Alinur Aktas, said in a statement, wished to make the decision better. During the month of Ramadan in Bursa, 9 said they had established iftar tables every day at the bee point, and that the same practice was carried out in 17 district and 7 in separate countries. President Aktas said that the decision included all citizens without any age and gender restrictions, and that they would reduce the price by an extra percentage of 50 over the 'current discount' for the disabled and the students. All students with a test entry paper will be able to benefit from metro, tram and buses with a discount of 50. They will provide convenient transportation. I wish the decisions we made would be beneficial. I would like to congratulate everyone now for the Feast of Ramadan Şimd.

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