Minister Arslan: We are in an important position in the international arena

"We can now proudly say that we are in a very important position in the international arena in the field of maritime," said Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. said.

The International Maritime Summit held in Çırağan Palace started with the participation of Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım and Minister of National Education İsmet Yılmaz.

Armstrong spoke at the opening of the event, referring to Turkey's international activities carried out in the maritime area between giving directions to the maritime world, he said from Turkey.

Expressing that 90 percent of the world transportation is carried out by sea transportation, Arslan said that this ensures that the cargo is transported safely and environmentally with large ships.

Arslan said, “It is striking in terms of emphasizing the importance of sea transportation which is 14 times more economical than air transportation, 6,5 times more economical than road transportation and 3,5 times more economical than rail transportation.” he spoke.

This data shows the importance of the maritime sector in terms of economics voicing Arslan, maritime sector to carry the strategies to determine the future of the world and emphasize that they want to move in the sense of decision to work.

“We can now proudly say that we are in a very important position in the international arena in the field of maritime.” Arslan said in 2003, while the amount of cargo handled at the ports was 190 million, now it has reached 471 million tons.

Arslan stated that in 2003, 150 million tons of foreign trade transports by sea reached 350 million tons, and the share of the seaway in foreign trade has increased significantly.

Minister Arslan, 100 million, the number of passengers reached the 140 million, saving, marine safety, what they do on matters such as sea safety, he added.

  • "Turkey attaches great importance to maritime"

Recalling that they talked about how inevitable maritime was at the summit they held earlier in 2016, Kitack Lim, Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization (İMO), “Maritime is always inevitable for the world economy. This does not change." said.

Providing information about the content of the summit, Lim said that İMO suggested a sustainable and sustainable maritime and prepared a strategic plan in this regard.

Lim said that the maritime agenda, the developing small island countries and the least developed countries, the professionalization of employees, gender equality, women's empowerment.

Lim said that the efforts to reduce the pollution of the sea began to give results, also said that the green and green marine vehicles to be done.

Lim emphasized the need to develop cooperation between the member states of the IO and said that this could lead to serious works in the maritime sector.

Lim noted that the Turkish government attaches great importance to the cooperation between the IMO member countries and the activities in the maritime sector and thanked Prime Minister Yıldırım and Minister Arslan for their support.

During the event, sessions will be held titled “Maritime Route and Global Trends”, “Digital Transformation in Maritime”, “Growth and Opportunities in Maritime Trade: Creating Sea Opportunities”, “Heart of the Sea: Environment”.



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