Municipal Buses Disinfected in Van

In Van, the passenger buses of the Metropolitan Municipality used by 50 thousand people are disinfected against epidemic diseases.

Transition to Belvan Card in public transport in Van and bringing quality to the transportation with the innovations made, Metropolitan Municipality has added a new one to its services in this area. In the scope of the studies, in order to prevent the spread of the viruses that cause epidemics with the cooling of the weather, hygiene studies are carried out on the buses. After the buses are cleaned every day by cleaning teams with vacuum cleaners, the passenger seats, rear-bottom parts of the seats, buttons, steering wheel, glass edges, tires, driver's door, passenger handles are cleaned with great care. In addition to general cleaning, disinfection is carried out with special medicines against flu infections at certain intervals.

In order to ensure that citizens travel in a healthy and clean environment, buses are cleaned every night at the bottom corner. Transportation Department President Kemal Mescioğlu said: ini In order to prevent seasonal infectious diseases, buses are disinfected with special cleaning materials used in hospitals at regular intervals. In this way, public transportation vehicles are free of viruses that grow rapidly in indoors. Our goal is to ensure that our citizens travel better and healthier. Ama



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