Machinist Training Course Opened in Sivas

Sivas Provincial Directorate of National Education, TCDD Transportation Inc. and İŞKUR Provincial Directorate in cooperation with the Mechanic Training Course was opened. The opening of the course program organized by the Public Education Center and ASO was carried out by Deputy Mayor Ahmet Özaydın, Mustafa Altınsoy, Director of National Education, Hikmet Canpolat, İŞKUR Provincial Director and Fehmi Tutkun.

Fidan Yazicioglu Cultural Center Sefil Selimi Training Hall, TCDD Transportation Inc. Sönmez Sefercik, Regional Coordinator, said, bize I would like to thank our national education directorate, İŞKUR directorate and the mayor who has allocated this area to us in this training organization. Mechanicism is one of the most basic and critical professions of our organization. I want you to know that the trainings we give here are of great importance to you. I wish our course program would be beneficial to our Sivas and our organization. Kurs

İŞKUR Provincial Director Hikmet Canpolat wished success to the participants and asked them to participate continuously in the course and make the most of the training.

canpolat; “We wish you to complete your trainings. My request from you is to make the most of this course. Show perseverance in the course of attendance. Because it's a long-term course and you need to be patient. You are in a very serious and valuable place. Because there was a serious demand and application to this course. Such an opportunity does not always come up. I would like to thank all of our institutions for their efforts in organizing this course. Geçen

Mustafa Altınsoy, the National Education Manager who wishes the course program to be auspicious auspicious, said that the trainees should complete the trainings in the best way.

6 hours of the course program will be held for a week 540 hours of the theoretical, 420 hours of practical training that will consist of Altınsoy, said:

Uz As TCDD Tasimacilik AS, ISKUR Provincial Directorate and Directorate of National Education, we are signing a beautiful organization together. 6 16 trainees will receive 6 hours of theoretical, 540 hours of practical training per week.

As the Ministry of National Education, we have two duties as formal and non-formal education. Formal, education in our schools covers the training courses offered in many areas. This is one of these courses… Our national education, as a public education; We have a motto of. education for everyone, anytime, anywhere '. For this reason, as much as we need and we open courses everywhere. TCDD staff will perform the trainings here. Long-term, your life will give direction to you, we will entrust our course. You need to get a good education here. I would like to thank all the institutions and organizations that contributed to the organization of the course, and wish them good luck. Ben

Deputy Mayor Ahmet Özaydın thanked the institutions and organizations that contributed to the organization of the course and used the following statements:

Iy Today, the 4 institution is coming together and you are starting a good work with at least one employment opportunity. We, as Sivas Municipality, have allocated you this place for 6 months. You will receive many services here. As Sivas Municipality, we are very happy to serve you in this field. After you have successfully completed these trainings, you get the opportunity to work. We want you to consider this a great opportunity and the most effective way. Men

After the speeches, TCDD transports. The lenen Mechanic Training Course ere, which is organized for trainees who are aimed to be employed as a machinist, has started. It was stated that the training programs were carried out simultaneously in the 5 provinces, including Sivas, throughout the country.

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