Falling as the subway approached, New York experienced the horror!

Rikke Bukh, the 22-year-old Rikke Bukhara, who was on the subway in New York City, was stranded between the train and the wall. After the 20 minute work, the young woman recovered brought the hearts of those who saw them to their mouths.

Yesterday at the local time in New York City in the US at the 11.15, was the scene of a shocking event. Rikke Bukh, Danish student of Cardozo School of Law at 22 In brooklyn Bedford Avenue subway station As he waited, he turned his head and fell towards the rails as the train approached. A lot of people thought the subway hit the young woman. The driver of the subway jumped out of his de Oh my God! Did I hit him? Mu he shouted.

However, the young woman was trapped between the subway and the wall. Rescued after about 20 minutes of rescue efforts, the woman was hospitalized. It was announced that Rikke Bukh was slightly injured.

Günceleme: 20/12/2018 17:29

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