Mayor Yılmaz Produced in Domestic Automobile Samson

Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz met with the industrialists who kept the economy of Samsun alive in the breakfast program hosted by SAMPA Automotive.


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz, who came together with all segments of the society and produced solutions to problems and evaluated suggestions, drew attention to the fact that great steps were taken to ensure economic development at the meeting where he came together with the representatives of industrial organizations operating in Samsun. In his speech, President Yılmaz said, “Our country may be going through difficult times these days. But every work initiated by our government is the guarantee of a beautiful future. The current struggle against terrorists in Afrin is one of them. May Allah protect all our soldiers and police, especially our soldiers serving in Afrin. Countries develop with the rise of economic welfare. We are striving in this direction. My only concern is to increase Samsun's economy and exports. Great works are being carried out all over Turkey. You are also a great asset in this business. Let's produce, let's make an effort, both ourselves kazanpurchase, as well as our country kazanvery few say sin. You are in this minority group. I thank you once again.”


Stating that attempts have been made to manufacture domestic cars in Samsun, President Yılmaz said, “SAMPA Automotive, which hosts us today, is a well-established company exporting auto parts all over the world. There are dozens of items in this company that can be used in domestic car production. I wholeheartedly want the SAMPA to take place in the domestic automobile project of our country. We want the local car to be produced in Samsun. As Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, we will provide all kinds of support. ”

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