Railway Coordination Board 1. Workshop was held at TÜVASAŞ

Railway Coordination Board (DDK) 1. The workshop was chaired by the Deputy Undersecretary of UDHB Orhan Birdal, İsa ApaydınIn November, 06 was held in TÜVASAŞ.

In addition to Apaydın, the workshop was attended by TCDD Transportation Inc., TÜVASAŞ, TÜDEMSAŞ and TÜLOMSAŞ, General Managers of Dangerous Goods and Combined Transport and Regulatory Affairs, as well as private sector representatives from various universities and railways.

With the liberalization process of the railway sector since the date of 01.01.2017, the Railroad Coordination Board (DKK) Regulation, which came into force on 02.06.2017, was published within the scope of the legislative works carried out by the General Directorate of Railway Regulation.

The said Regulation;

a) To ensure the harmonization and cooperation between the railway infrastructure operators, railway train operators and other railway operators, and the General Directorate of Rail Regulatory Affairs, to take the necessary decisions,

b) Developing railway policies and submitting them to the Minister,

c) Preparing and submitting a proposal to the Minister to obtain a sustainable structure by following the railway sector,

ç) Carrying out studies on the need for railway sector investment and presenting it to the Minister,

In order to determine the sector approach in accordance with the provisions of the workshop, the first of the workshops, which are planned to be carried out with the participation of representatives of non-governmental organizations, universities, public and private sector operating in the railway sector.

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