Station Locations and Departure Points were Determined at Akçaabat Cable Car Project

Trabzon, Akçaabat Municipality build-operate-transfer model planned to be done in the ropeway project station locations and departure points were determined, will be auctioned.

There will be a total of three stations in the project of the project. The second station of the cable car, which is decided to be on the sea side of Cumhuriyet Park, is located at the rear of Ortamahalle, while the last station will be at Akçatepe facilities, one of the most important tourist sites of our district.

Akçaabat'ın tourism to add value to the project for the cable car project is expected to be an important step in the project together with the technical staff of the project officials and the Municipality of Akcaabat conductor inspections on the project. Station locations and first departure point were determined. With the completion of preparations of the project now, we are planning to tender with build-operate-transfer model in the near future. In addition to tourism, the cable car will be a significant investment in transportation and cultural aspects, as the citizens can see Akçaabat's coastal section and the Ortamahalle from the air, where they can witness unique landscapes where they are not satisfied with their progress. In

It is aimed to complete the cable car project which will make the region an attraction center in terms of tourism.

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