Police intervention on the anniversary of gar attack in Ankara

There were tensions between the police and a group of people who wanted to commemorate the massacre of 2 in Ankara at the Gar Junction.

Due to the commemoration of the police station in Ankara, police teams took intensive security measures from around the morning. All roads leading to the station were closed to traffic early in the morning. Bomb experts and a large number of policemen searched where to commemorate.

A group of about 100 people gathered on Sıhhiye Street wanted to go to the area where the memorial program will be held. Police teams only allowed relatives, deputies, and mass organization representatives of people who died. Police teams intervened when the group wanted to enter together. After the pepper gas intervention, the group was removed from the region.

A group who wanted to walk in front of the station gathered in the Chamber of Civil Engineers. Police intervened the group with tear gas.

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