Motaş Ready for Transportation Service in New Training Season

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Services (MOTAŞ) General Manager Anwar Sadat Tamgacı, in the new education-training period to take place in order to prevent any troubles by expressing the "new students in the new era will not be an agenda of transportation," he said.

General Manager Tamgacı emphasized that more flights will be arranged at more frequent intervals with more vehicles than the previous education period; Uz We opened new routes to the routes that we needed and where the demands were high. We also shortened the voyages by increasing the number of vehicles with passenger density. So we've increased the number of trips.

We have increased the number of vehicles of the 17B Based University line, which is one of the busiest of these lines. In the morning before the 09 00 in the previous year, we increased the number of flights per 7 every minute and reduced the range to 5 minutes. We will also keep 4 spare parts. If necessary, we will commission our reinforcement vehicles. We will also work with our bellows buses in the line in question. Söz

Tamgaci, 17B Foundation University line to run the range of vehicles in the new period 09 00 5 10 up to the morning as one minute, the evening return XNUMX minutes; stating that when the passenger density is needed, these flights will be increased; I When planning the public transportation, we do this, especially when our students are thinking about not having a problem with transportation. Our puppies, our brothers and sisters in the memory of a problem such as the wiping of their memory; we expect them to concentrate on their courses with their cells, to make plans for the future of the country and to develop projects. In this sense, we will make us feel successful and happy. Ne and wished success to all students and teachers during the new education period.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Services (MOTAŞ) Directorate of Malatya related to the measures previously taken on the measures taken for the training of the MAŞTİ University line working in the Trambuses and reinforcements made with the 6 once every one minute was announced that the reinforcement will be carried out. In the statement, the 2 pink trambus, which will work for women, was also commissioned.



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