The bus they met was wedding cars

The couple met at the İzmit-Kartal bus number 200, one of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, and married at the wedding ceremony in Derince Yenikent District at the weekend. The couple's wedding car was the bus number 200 they met. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality bus, Derince Sırrıpaşa Mahallesi Çavdar Caddesi located in a flower shop among the confused eyes of the bride car was decorated.


Müslüm Yıldız and İlknur Yıldız, working at Derince Training and Research Hospital, made the city bus they met during the trip as a bride car. While the vehicle was decorated in about an hour, the organization company said that it was the first time that they decorated a city bus as a bridal car. The line 200 bus, decorated like a bridal car, went to the bride's house accompanied by a convoy. Later, the groom and his relatives, who took the bride from here, went to the wedding hall as a convoy with the bus they used as a bridal car.


The happiness of the couple who read the stories of dating on the bus was read in their eyes. The groom Müslüm Yıldız explained those moments as follows; '' When İlknur took the bus, he put his suitcase in front of me. At that moment I saw his eyes, I looked at his face and impressed by him. As in Turkish movies, I started to think. I wonder what I say if I see your eyes again. I've been looking for an excuse to look back in his eyes and talk to him. Then he sat down next to me. I've been looking for excuses to chat with you. Then we started chatting. After our conversation along the way, I realized we had a lot in common. I wanted to meet him again. Later, we received our contacts to discuss. Since then we have always been together. Result; Here is our wedding today. ''


After the wedding day, the mind, İlknur met with the lady to use the bus as a wedding tool, the idea of ​​using the stars, '' I met later with the Metropolitan Municipality. I told the authorities. Thanks to them they are also warmly interested. On the day of the wedding, they gave us the bus on 200 no. I thank to Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu and the related staff os. 4 February 2015'de they meet the bride Ilknur Stars '' that day I went to my brother in Istanbul. We had taken the bus to 17.30 to return to Kocaeli. Then I sat down next to him. I saw the way he looked at me. Somehow we had a conversation. I wouldn't have met Muslüm if I hadn't decided to leave early on my brother's side, bored and let go early O.

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