Graduates of TCDD Railway Vocational School Meet 45 Year After

Turkey Railway Vocational School alumni met 1973 years 45 years later. 1973 120 graduated in the Forest of Brothers 'Social Solidarity' met for the third time.

The graduates of the 1969 year, which is the 1973 entry of TCDD Railway Vocational School, came together in 45 years after their graduation in Sivas. 73 graduated from Sivas outside of the different regions in Turkey and abroad, 'under the Social Solidarity' name, brothers met for the third time this year the event held in the forest.

The members of the organization committee, also SADAK club chairman Osman Cakir, Muhtar Rushdie Delice, Celal Polat and Ismail Dursun said in a statement, '' We started in 1969 and after four years of training each of us was distributed to different places and provinces. Easy to say, 45 years after a study by creating a commission to identify the names have been working for months and have reached the 120 person. What a pity we lost our 17 school friend during this time. My Lord places heaven to heaven.

We, as commission, have reached our friends who are in different institutions and in the province and abroad, and have made this üs longing for a meeting ızı and said that they are happy to do the third one this year. 50 2019 XNUMX the year of the meeting for a great longing meeting stating that the journalist, sports writer Ismail Dursun, '' that year with all the bureaucracy with our local administrators, NGOs, friends and families will come to this social friendship, friendship, brotherhood will be a partner of our meeting. . Thank you for the contributions to our members of the press, SADAK club, thank you for your contributions, '' he said.

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