Tax burden of the officer should be reduced and tax cuts should be fixed

Civil servants are the leading ones who have been taxed without taking their salary. Due to the tax base slices, majority of them are in the tax zone in half of the year. Therefore, the salary increases are taken back by tax deduction.

2017 increase for 10 year, despite the increase of 3 increase in the rate of XNUMX increase was made. Due to the increase in salaries, there is no increase in the tax base, so tax lines are inserted more quickly and they are forced to pay more taxes.

Therefore, the tax rates of civil servants should be reduced and their wages in real terms should be preserved.

Another issue is that the difference of the percentages cut for taxes is different from each other with% 15,% 20,% 27 slices and it is obvious that the income balance is disrupted after receiving a salary.

The tax cut must be fixed as a percentage.

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