Railways reinstated into state policy

23 The construction of İzmir-Aydın railway line on September 1856 was the milestone in shaping the geography of Anatolia by shaping the climate in social, cultural and economic form.

From 1856 to 1923 4.136 kilometers from the Ottoman Period was inherited from the railway Republic. The Great Leader, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, started the railway expedition and built an 80 km railway in 3.000 where the geographic conditions were harsh. A total of 1950 mileage rail network was reached until 3.764. In this period, railways were considered as a modernization project with all social aspects that encompassed development and development. Between 1950 and 2002 was the period of forgotten and abandoned for our railways.

It is not possible to change the past, but it was in our hands to erase the bad traces of the past and build our future. We set out with this awareness. Under the leadership of our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim's transport policies to the point where the door to be locked to a point of railways, 2003 was converted into a state policy in the year was restored.

In this direction, 2023 targets were determined and then there were epic developments on steel rails. TCDD's allowance has been increased, and projects that have been decayed on dusty shelves have been removed from the shelves. Turkey has repeatedly implemented projects to move into the future. Turkey, met with the YHT 2009 in the opening service of the Ankara-Eskisehir line, and the world 8, 6 while in Europe. YHT technology has been used as a country. In the last 60 year we missed the train we caught by High Speed ​​Train.

indicator of Turkey's bright face

Firstly, the attempt to connect the capital with various high-speed trains was successfully carried out (Istanbul-Eskisehir-Ankara, Ankara-Konya, Ankara-Sivas, Anka-ra-Bursa, Ankara-Izmir) and on the other side, we connected Asia to Europe with MARMARAY. The 150 annual dream had been realized and the continents were a silk carpet under our feet. MARMARAY up to London from Beijing to ensure uninterrupted rail transport, was indicative of the changing and developing Turkey's bright face of the whole world.

For the sake of a period, folk songs were burned, poems were lined up, but those who didn't come back at all were able to carry the train back to the agenda of our citizens. We have renewed roads that have not been used for centuries and made them signalized and electrified. Now, with the logistics centers we have established, we offer our industrialists the possibility of combined transportation by road, rail and sea.

We connect the organized industrial zones, which we call the Black Harbor, with the iron networks and add strength to the competitiveness of our businessmen. We increase the efficiency of rail system with MARMARAY in Istanbul, Egeray in Izmir, Başkentray in Ankara and Gaziray in Gaziantep.

Turkey-Azerbaijan-Georgia in cooperation with the 'Iron Silk Road' We are about to qualify as the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars project to complete the Iron-way. Regional and international projects in both countries was no longer a reference to Turkey.

As in all areas of transportation, the big change in the railways shows us that the railway mobilization that started in the first years of the Republic but started from 1950 to the shelf was still on the rail with the High Speed ​​Train. As in the past, it is now changing the tragic fortune of Anatolia, like the sun.

It will be the cries of a locomotive that will announce the gospel of the future of the future to this saint nation.

Source: Ahmet ARSLAN - Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications - I www.ostimgazetesi.co

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