Grand Istanbul Tunnel to Increase Property Prices

For the Grand Istanbul Tunnel project, ground survey work started in the Bosphorus. In the 5 tunnel, which is planned to be completed in the year, there will be both a two-way highway and a fast metro line. The 14 station will be located on the Metro line and will be built in 31 km length. On this line you can travel 1.5 million passengers per day. The highway section will be located between the junction of the Tem Highway Junction and the Ümraniye Çamlık junction. The total length will be approximately 16 km, and the tunnel length is estimated to be 6.5 km. With this line the 120.000 vehicle on the day, only the 14 will be able to cover this distance in minutes.

Gold Real Estate General Manager Mustafa Hakan Özelmacıklı

Ir In the E-5 axis, the fast metro project, starting from Bakırköy - İncirli on the European side and extending to Söğütlüçeşme on the Anatolian side, will raise prices in the region's real estate market. The distance between these two points can be exceeded only in 40 minutes. The fact that the line will be integrated into rail systems and subway at 9 at different points will make the values ​​of real estate in these regions UM.

12 County Will Be Neighboring Fast Metro Line

Evaluating that the Three-Storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel will intersect with the transportation alternatives available and planned at 9 different points, Altın Emlak General Manager said: “The metro line will start from Incirli on the European Side. Afterwards, Zeytinburnu, Vatan, Edirnekapı, Sütlüce, Perpa, Çağlayan, Mecidiyeköy and Gayrettepe stations will be located. On the Anatolian side, there will be Ünalan, Altunizade and Küçükyalı stations that will start from Söğütlüçeşme. With these stations, especially Bakırköy, Bahçelievler, Güngören, Zeytinburnu, Eyüp, Fatih, Beyoğlu, Şişli, Kağıthane, Beşiktaş, Üsküdar and Kadıköy will affect the values ​​in the districts. Since February 2015, when it was first announced, real estate prices located close to this line have made a premium over 70% and will continue to make premium. ”

Intersection Points Will Make Premium

Stating that the project will be integrated into the existing and ongoing transportation projects, Özelmacıklı said, tram Metro, metrobus, light metro and tram lines and 9 intersect at different points will add value to these points.


Zuhuratbaba and Kartaltepe Districts in Bakırköy,
Bahçelievler Merkez Mahallesi
Ahmet Nafiz Gürman Neighborhood in Güngören,
Merkezefendi, Maltepe and Seyitnizam Districts in Zeytinburnu,
Defterdar and Topçular Districts in Eyüp,
Topkapı and Karagümrük Quarters in Fatih,
Sütlüce, Örnektepe and Halıcıoğlu Neighborhoods in Beyoğlu,
Talatpaşa and Gürsoy Districts in Kağıthane,
Halil Rifat Pasha, Halide Edip Adivar, Izzet Pasha, Mecidiyekoy and Esentepe Neighborhoods in Sisli
Nispetiye Neighborhood in Besiktas,
Altunizade, Kuzguncuk, Burhaniye, Acıbadem and Ünalan Districts in Üsküdar,
Kadıköywill be Hasanpaşa, Rasimpaşa, Osmanağa and Zühtüpaşa Neighborhoods.



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