Minibuses Turn into Private Public Buses in Malatya

Minibuses in Malatya Turn into Private Public Buses: Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Çakır said that the change and transformation that started with the metropolitan process started to be experienced in minibuses.

The transformation transformation movement in Malatya in recent years has started to take place in minibuses, which have an important place in urban transportation.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, which converted D4s which were previously transported in rural districts to J plates, has now implemented the project of converting public transport minibuses into Private Public Buses in the city center.

In the first phase of the project, instead of the minibuses working on the line of Industry and Animal Market, the Private Public Bus application was initiated.

A ceremony was held on 23 May Wednesday due to the commissioning of the 10 Private Public Bus.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Cakir, as well as Secretary General Ercan Turan, deputy general secretaries, department heads, branch managers, company general managers, minibusmen Chamber President Mesut Ince and line owners and company representatives attended the ceremony held in front of the Metropolitan Municipality.

President Çakır solved the problem we could not find a solution

Mesut Ince, President of the Chamber of Minibusers, who made a short thank-you speech at the ceremony, said that 50 annual Industrial Animal Market line is not usable and operable and that the Mayor Ahmet Çakır has solved this problem that they could not find a solution for years.

Stating that Mayor Çakır has always supported the tradesmen, İnce said, “First of all, I would like to thank the Mayor of Ahmet Çakır and his team who have always supported us and our tradesmen. God bless you. Always open the door to our trades, never return the trades from the door, the problem of our tradesman who sees the problem of our Metropolitan Mayor, God let us be missing. We, as the driver tradesman, are always with Ahmet Chairman and supporter. God bless you. Hopefully, this transformation will be a milestone and more will come. Good luck to all our trades, esn he said.

Çakır: A beautiful transformation project

Mayor of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Ahmet Çakır said that converting minibuses to private public buses is a good project and wished that the project would be beneficial to Malatya and minibus shopkeepers.

Mayor Cakir said that the change and transformation process that started with the metropolitan process started to take place in minibuses. We are making many changes in terms of preparing our city for the future, providing quality service and increasing the comfort of life, especially in the main plans. One of them is transportation. Transportation from the smallest settlements to the metropolises has been one of the most important topics of local governments. Malatya offering Metropolitan Municipality as we have in the past years required as the renewal of our municipality and both motas of transport as a service for the first time TRAMBUS projects in Turkey, extremely comfortable, safe, operating costs low, we made investments in the corresponding satisfaction. Now we turn the minibuses into Private Public Buses.

In our province, we do not only do public transport as municipalities. We also have vehicles with M plates and D plates. They also need to provide quality and comfortable service. For this reason, we carry out the transformation of minibuses. I hope it'il be good. I hope that the profits of our tradesmen will be fertile and abundant. So far, we have converted D580s into J plates over 4 in our districts. At present, the transformation of places such as Yeşilyurt, Bostanbaşı, Yakınca, Akçadağ has reached a certain stage. We will carry out the transformation of these in the coming months. ”

Stating that renewed and transformed vehicles are low-floor and comfortable vehicles that both disabled and elderly people can easily use, Mayor Çakır said, “May God bless you. May the accident-free services be granted ”.

Plaque of thanks to Çakır

Private Public Buses were taken during the ceremony by the company official and the Chamber of Minibuses President Mesut Ince Ahmet Çakır was given a plaque of appreciation by Mayor Ahmet Çakır.




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