IETT Rewards Employees

IETT Rewards Employees: IETT, which has been serving Istanbul for 146 years, has rewarded its employees within the framework of Performance Development System (PGS). At the award ceremony held at Bağlarbaşı Congress and Culture Center, 2017 met the winners of 'Accident' Awards, '' Most Successful Garage Employee Awards '', 'Retired Employee Awards' 'Head Office Special Award' and 'Most Successful Driver Personnel Award' in the first quarter. IETT General Manager Arif Emecen said, Müdür I congratulate all employees and civil servants who received the PGS Award with the most sincere feelings. You have been the pioneers of service in this PGS period. Congratulations. Te

Turkey's most established and trusted brand in the urban public transport employees were rewarded for IETT. Awards in the category of '' Accident ',' Most Successful Garage Employees' and 'Retirement Staff', 'General Directorate Special Award' and 'Most Successful Driver Staff' in the context of 'Performance Improvement System' (PGS) It was distributed. 46 in the category of 'No accident', 31 in the category of 'Most Successful Garage Employees', '76' in the category of, Honorary Personnel Service Honor X and 1 in the Personel 150, Most Successful Driver Staff UM category in the category of li General Manager Special Award ödül were awarded.

Arif Emecen: başar We have quality journey on the basis of our success today Ar
IETT General Manager Arif Emecen, who spoke at the ceremony, said, başar As the İETT family, we are at the heart of our success today. Kadir Topbaş has a vision for IETT and his leadership that eliminates all obstacles in front of us. IETT General Manager and today Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General. We have the quality journey that Hayri Baraçlı started in 2009. Today, our goal is to make the level that we have achieved in the past as sustainable and to carry the service continent further. Bugün

Arif Emecen stated that he expects all IETT employees to be ambitious about the PGS awards and added: iyle I wish the PGS Award Ceremony to be instrumental in the service race. As the heirs of a tradition in which the clairvoyance is subject to compliment, let's remember our friends who keep the service bar high. Let's say that self-sacrificing work is seen. Let us give a story to history, to their grandchildren. E

Performance evaluation system started at 2012
Within the scope of PGS in IETT, drivers have been evaluated twice a year by their managers since 2012. In the PGS, which is carried out to inform employees about their business goals, to see competency standards and to improve their performance, evaluations are carried out through a special software. Quarterly achievements were also begun to be rewarded with the method implemented for the first time in 2017 in PGS.

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