48T A General Manager of Kağıthane-Taksim Bus

A General Manager on the 48T Kağıthane-Taksim Bus: Award to IETT from the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) kazanAn example of the lasting Empathy Week application took place between 3-7 October. In the Empathy Week study that IETT has been carrying out since 2012 to improve the service quality, all IETT employees, including senior managers, used public transportation instead of service or vehicles to observe the problems on the spot. General Manager Arif Emecen, who went from Kağıthane to Taksim by the 48T bus number XNUMXT, also made observations. He talked to the citizens at stops and buses and listened to their problems.
This year, IETT, which received the EFQM 2016 Excellence Achievement Award in the 'Add Value to the Customer' category of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), continues to work to increase quality and comfort in public transportation. The last example of Empathy Week, which most impressed the jury that gave IETT this award, took place between 3-7 October. In IETT's Empathy Week, which has been organized regularly since 2012 in order to raise the quality standards in service, all IETT employees, including managers, head of department, deputy general managers and managers, used public transportation to observe the problems on site. Nearly a thousand IETT employees, nearly 100 of whom are senior executives, went to work with vehicles such as buses, metrobus, metro, tram, Marmaray instead of services or vehicles to make improvement suggestions. IETT General Manager Arif Emecen's route was also the 48T Kağıthane-Taksim bus and the Taksim-Tünel nostalgic tram throughout the week. Emecen listened to the problems of citizens about public transportation in stops and vehicles, took notes. Emecen, who came to Taksim by taking the 7.15T bus at 48 in the morning, went to the IETT General Directorate by going to the nostalgic tram. Arif Emecen explained Empathy Week, which brought an award to IETT:
“Istanbul is one of the largest metropolises in the world with a population of 15 million, and one of the oldest in the history of more than a thousand years. As IETT, we provide public transportation of 10 million people in this metropolis and 4 billion people annually. Of course, there are problems in public transportation. As IETT management, we set out for excellence. Our goal is to increase quality and comfort in public transportation. We work for it. Empathy Week has become one of our most important tools in the process of improving the service quality of IETT. ”
Arif Emecen, General Manager of IETT, who shared his observations and suggestions for improvement on these journeys, emphasized how to increase passenger satisfaction, how to meet customer demands, and to investigate the source of the complaints and act by creating root cause analyzes.
Emecen, Istanbul, the need to do to improve the comfort of public transportation often reviewed on-site 'Empathy Week is also part of this study, he said. Yoğunlaş We concentrate on business logic and look at how we can improve comfort, Em Emecen said. Kendi We saw the right demands of our passengers and listened to them. All IETT management was in the field this week. We will all analyze the problems we have identified. Our aim is to provide shorter, faster, more comfortable transportation services. ”
xnumx't to Turkey Excellence Award and the Grand Prize of Excellence xnumx't area of ​​Turkey, changing the İETT management approach and quality journey began in 2014. Within the framework of the vision of the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Kadir Topbaş, which is integrated with the public, IETT General Manager and current Secretary General of the time; In the process initiated by Hayri Baraçlı, the first quality certificates in İETT 2015; Acquires ISO 2010, ISO 2011 and OHSAS 9001. Today, IETT has 14001 international quality standards.
Empathy Week, which plays the most important role in IETT's receiving the EFQM 2016 Excellence Achievement Award in the 'Adding Value to Customer' category of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) this year, is held once a year. During the week, IETT employees, other than the drivers who go by public transport instead of vehicles or services, see the problems in the field on site and report them with a solution. During Empathy Week, which has been ongoing since 4, 2012 thousand observation reports have been collected so far and 15 has improved in different areas. These included cleaning of the vehicle-stops, troubleshooting of LCD screen-announcement system failures, as well as improvement of the vehicle handles. Adding alarms to the smart stop application Mobiett and showing vehicle densities at Mobiett are among the projects produced with Empathy Week results.
Empathy Week IETT project with Public Relations Turkey earlier in the competition organized by the Association 'Public Organization' category '14. He was awarded the Golden Compass.

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