Digital Insurance Period from Anadolu Sigorta

Digital Insurance Period from Anadolu Sigorta: Anadolu Sigorta signed one of the firsts in the sector in the field of freight transportation insurance; started to offer insurance certificate on customer portal.

Anadolu Sigorta, which has maintained its sector leadership for many years in freight transportation insurances, has opened the insurance certificate regulation process for its customers in the digital environment with its newly developed system and has managed to reduce the process to less than 2 minutes.

With this application, which is one of the first in the insurance sector, customers and intermediaries who need transportation commodity insurance can enter their user information through the corporate portal and 7 can produce 24 hours certificates, and they can send them to the addresses they want by digital signed e-mail.

“We moved our standard application a step further“

Thanks to this system, which is provided to the sector by Anadolu Sigorta, besides the intermediaries, the insured are able to produce insurance certificates at any time, with the application defined for them, and they have insurance coverage against all risks during transportation.

Emphasizing that the practice they have developed is a first in the sector in terms of their qualifications, Mr. Levent Sönmez, Anadolu Sigorta's Assistant General Manager, emphasized that Anadolu Sigorta was a pioneer in the sector for many years.

Sigort Taking our practices in this branch a step further, we wanted to make life easier for both our intermediaries and our policyholders. Our customers, regardless of the time and holiday concept of the Transport Commodity policy, they can edit any time they need. All they have to do is log in to the customer portal with the user information we have defined and enter the relevant load / voyage details into the system. In this way, the limits and conditions of pre-determined subscription contracts, with a single click can be prepared online and e-mail addresses can be sent.

Besides, we have been able to regulate freight insurance policies for a long time through web services. We organize a framework agreement with all the information about the shipments to be made by our insured during the year. The policy and certificates are regulated with the least possible information input depending on these contracts. This practice is becoming increasingly popular and widespread. As of now, we are using this application close to 100. By combining insurance with digital technologies, we provide much faster and better service to our insured and sales channels. We are also delighted to contribute to the protection of the environment because the certificates are not printed in pages. Ifik

Günceleme: 17/12/2018 17:05

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