Ray Welder Certified Project Course Applications Started

Ray welders Sertifikalanıy Project course began references: Railway Construction and Operating Personnel Assistance and Solidarity Association (on the road is) Supporting Lifelong Learning in Turkey-II Grant Program supported by the European Union "Ray Welders are Sertifikalanıy" will be held as part of doing vocational training project courses Applications for Within the scope of the project, applications for 3 different courses to be held in İzmir, Erzincan and Ankara for the profession of "Aluminothermic Rail Welder (Level-6)", which has different features and techniques than traditional welding methods. http://www.raykaynakcilarisertifikalaniyor.net can be done at. Candidates who complete the course will take the exam at the certification center authorized by the Vocational Qualification Authority and those who succeed will be given a Vocational Qualification Certificate. Certificate awarded projects will be carried out within the scope of employment activities for Turkey's first certified welders rail.

Ministry of Labor and Social Security European Union Coordination Department Human Resources
Applications have started to determine 114 trainees within the scope of the Ray Welders Certification Project, which has been accepted to the grant scheme, whose development is carried out by the Operational Program, and has been awarded 402 Euros. The courses, which are one of the most important activities of the project, carried out in collaboration with Erzincan University Refahiye Vocational School and TCDD Ankara Education Center Directorate under the coordination of YOLDER, will be held simultaneously in Ankara and Izmir between 60 May-8 June 16. Two courses to be held in Erzincan will be held between 2017-3 July. Until April 21, 26 to participate in courses http://www.raykaynakcilarisertifikalaniyor.net Applications can be made at.

In addition, the Izmir Provincial Directorate of İŞKUR will provide assistance in directing the unemployed people registered to the institution. İŞKUR Izmir Provincial Deputy Director Zafer Sener, within the framework of the powers they want to support the project, every contribution to employment is ready to cooperate, he said.

In order to train rail welders who are of great importance in terms of safety in the railway infrastructure area, they will be able to apply to the courses to be organized in the 25-64 age range, with unemployed persons registered to İŞKUR who have the characteristics appropriate to the profession to be trained and non-certified employees in the rail source field. In addition to theoretical courses, there is a need to attend the courses to be taught. No fee will be charged for the course scheduled as 15 course hours, each of which will be 120 business days. During the course, each course will be paid for each course according to the daily course participation. All personal protective clothing and equipment will be given to the trainees during the course and 15 daily personal accident insurance will be made free of charge against all kinds of occupational accidents.

Course participants who completed the certificate only institution authorized to take the exam in Turkey. Candidates who pass the exam successfully will be awarded Turkey's first certified document as rail welders. Within the scope of the project carried out to develop the qualifications of rail welders, to increase their qualifications, to certify and to support lifelong learning processes, one of the most important employees of the rail systems sector will be employed for at least 20 of those who are entitled to receive certificates from unemployed trainees.



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