Minibus Tracking System Transfer in Public Transportation in Istanbul

Transfer of Minibus Tracking System in Public Transportation in Istanbul: Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş continues to sign the works that make Istanbul one of the cities that will set an example for the whole world with the services that create revolution in urban transportation. In this context; With the circular issued by the General Directorate of Security, it was assigned to the cameras of UKOME and İTK to carry out the registration of public transportation vehicles in order to investigate forensic incidents, especially terror incidents, to reach information about evidences and perpetrators and to finally illuminate the crimes.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on improving the service quality of public transportation and smart city concept, in addition to supporting these issues within the duties and services of our Police Department.

Intelligent transportation systems, smart cities, monitoring systems, data storage, tracking and control systems are among the “Smart City Technologies” project areas developed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Intelligent transportation technologies include actions aimed at increasing urban security as well as increasing urban technological infrastructure.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Public Transportation Services Directorate within the scope of this project by all minibuses and taxi minibuses;

Cameras to be placed in the vehicle without leaving blind spots
Vehicle tracking unit
Panic button

and all devices will be managed by a single system in the “Public Transportation Control and Management Center makta.

The project outlines;
Route and Location Tracking,
Yolculuk Safe Journey en monitored by the audit units at any time
Speed ​​Optimization and follow-up reduced the risk of accidents,
A public transportation system, which has been coordinated by the Center in disaster and emergency situations, has become a part of the solution, not the crisis, in these cases.

With the “Public Transportation Management and Control Center” software installed within the scope of the system, it will be possible to perform visual reporting, 7 / 24 location and speed information, accident and emergency information and route control of public transportation vehicles. Passenger and driving safety, life safety, theft, extortion, loss-stolen control and rule violations as well as control of unjustified complaints will be prevented in possible grievances.

Participation in the system, which will include all Minibus and Taxi Minibus vehicles, will be completed by making an appointment through the Public Transportation Services Directorate website and taking the vehicle to the installation area. Installations will be made between 21.00 and 07.00 hours in order to prevent the service of the vehicles.

Benefit of the Project to Citizens - Passengers:
Safe journey,
Deterrence before possible judicial cases,
IMM White Table complaints to be resolved quickly,
Decrease in crimes that will harm people and property.

With the completion of the system, which has been assembled to a total of 85 vehicles, including 87 minibus and 172 taxi-dolmus, 6460 minibus and 572 taxi-dolmus in the city will be able to monitor all mobility with 7032 28 camera. . Work continues in full swing.

Günceleme: 16/12/2018 16:40

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