Kadıköy Becoming the Center of the Metro

Kadıköy Metro is becoming the center: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Kadir Topbaş, Kadıköy He called out to citizens at the rally in the Square. Stating that they have invested 13 billion lira in 98 years as İBB and that they have 16,5 billion lira investment budgets this year, President Kadir Topbaş said, “There is an Istanbul that does not owe lira to the government or another institution. We make subways. "We are organizing the city's gold and all its surroundings and we are trying to show that this city of civilization has risen up again."

“In 13 years KadıköyWe made huge investments and services of 3 billion 300 million Turkish lira regardless of political considerations. "We are trying to bring service to everywhere that is a human," said Kadir Topbaş.


“Mr. President brought water under the sea to the Islands during the mayor, and we took natural gas under the sea. We didn't say this party this party. Kadıköyalso like this. KadıköyEagle Line is one of the fastest running metro lines. Right now KadıköyThere are a number of metro lines meet in. This meeting Kadıköywill make it much more different and accessible to all. The Dudullu-Bostancı line, especially, is coming into service soon. God willing HalkalıWe will open the Marmara track together. The operation of these lines is currently ongoing. The Göztepe-Ümraniye metro line will become operational in 2019. Incirli-Edirnekapı-Gayrettepe-Sölenenlüçeşme line is available. This line is an important meeting line that will pass through the 3-storey tunnel and go to Bakırköy and merge with the Söğütlüçeşme line. Zeytinburnu-Kadıköy There is a metro line, which is a new line that will come through Gaziosmanpaşa-Eyüp and pass through Beşiktaş. There is a tram project in Libadiye Street and its works are continuing. Kadıköy-Ataşehir-Sancaktepe-Sultanbeyli metro line, which is a very important line. Kadıköywill be put into service as an important access line from TEM to Sultanbeyli following the TEM highway. ”

Topbaş, Marmaray and Eurasia Tunnel Kadıköywith the introduction of the suburban line that State Railways aims to finish in 2018, which has contributed greatly to transportation and access. KadıköyExpressing that it will be possible to reach all parts of the city quickly and comfortably, Kadıköy He said that with the Advanced Biological Treatment Facility, they control the wastewater discharged into the sea from this region and the seas have become accessible.



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