World Smart Cities Congress 2018 Begins

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mevlüt Uysal, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Faruk Özlü, Former Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez will be inaugurated for the three-day Sanayi World Cities Congress of Istanbul 2018 anı hosted by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Zapatero and Istanbul Governor Vasip Sahin made together.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mevlüt Uysal, who spoke at the opening of the congress held at the Yenikapı Eurasian Show and Art Center, said, ehir We created Istanbul's 'smart city index' in order to build a city with a strong technological infrastructure. We have worked to reveal the smart city vision, strategies and road map. This Vision Document prepared will add speed to us in smart urbanism. Hazır

- Our Cities Need to Be Smarter-
More than 12 city and technology producing 120 100 company participated in the congress in which more than a few companies participated in the congress, giving information that the panel will be made presentations and President Uysal continued his speech: X 21. century 'one of the most important agenda items in the world' Smart Cities' is forming. The need for smarter transportation technologies, energy solutions, buildings, communication and information technologies, in short, a smarter city is increasing. 70 of the world population in the near future is expected to live in cities. We need more. Fast urbanization; the transportation networks, emergency services and public services are under pressure. Before this population concentration, cities in the world are already turning to smart projects, because our cities need to be made smarter. Nüfus

As the local administrations, they need to produce new solutions to the problems of urbanization, the scope of municipal services is expanding with each passing day, for this reason, the citizens of the day 24 time in each area must be interacting with President Uysal, ini On the one hand while producing fast solutions to problems, on the other hand, the city's standards we have to raise. We must carry out the processes in coordination. Smart systems that make cities more livable are of great importance in this respect. We have to work for clean, green and planned cities. Therefore; As Istanbul, we created Istanbul's 'smart city index' to build a city with a strong technological infrastructure. We have worked to reveal the smart city vision, strategies and road map. This Vision Document prepared will add speed to us in smart urbanism. Hazır

-Devir Mobile Applications Transfer
Alar Ideas that make life easier are quickly becoming an integral part of our lives, iyor said President Uysal. De Now we are in the period of mobile applications. One of the first applications we made many years ago in the name of smart urbanism was on traffic. 'Mobile Traffic', which is used by millions of people in Istanbul, responds to a great need in transportation and continues to provide. Today, we have created an ambitious alternative to the mobile taxi application, which is widely used in smart cities, with the software developed by our municipality engineers. This; I-Taxi, so we called the Istanbul Taxi. By including electric vehicles in this application, we have carried forward the vision of the future in public transport. We do a lot of work on public transport systems and traffic management. Toplu

Reminding that smart traffic signaling is an application developed by IMM, President Uysal said that this system was used at the 100 important junction across Istanbul. . This system manages signal times and transitions according to vehicle density,. Said President Uysal. Thus, Istanbul people save time and fuel. The essential element of smart urbanism is to equip the city with fiber networks. It is to reach every citizen with fiber networks. We've been going a long way. Our goal is to meet the needs of the future and to bring the whole city together with the fast internet. Cities are innovation centers. We support productive, innovative ideas and practices as municipalities. We are in close cooperation with industry, university and business. In this context, living lab studies in Istanbul are rapidly increasing. We support them. You know, we have reached today's level of welfare with innovative ideas and inventions that have emerged in the past. We will shape the present and the future through innovative ideas, new technologies and innovation-based initiatives. We have to do this for a better future. We have to do this work. Bu

-Powerful Technological Infrastructure
Stating that İBB is an institution that produces thousands of data every day and therefore a strong technology infrastructure is important, President Uysal said, teknoloji It is possible to equip cities with smarter systems, primarily by the processing of large public data. In the cities of the future, it is certain that artificial intelligence will be more involved in business and service processes. We are in the cities where the houses are enlightened by the energy they receive from their own waste, alarm systems against disasters and risks are working and natural gas is cut off automatically in case of any disaster. We have these systems as Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. As smart city technologies become more active, quality of life and economic prosperity will increase in cities. We all know very well that local governments have more to do in the name of smart urbanism. Yönetim

Speaking at the opening of the akt World Intelligent Cities Congress 2018,, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Faruk Özlü stated that the understanding of classical urban management is far behind. The new route of modern municipalism is smart city practices. Modern

“Istanbul has a global identity for the whole world with its larger economy than 130 country k, the Minister said. Ğ 56 of our country's foreign trade volume and 27 of our national income are from Istanbul. Istanbul is also on its way to becoming a center of gravity with large-scale projects and investments. Istanbul, a global city, is one of the centers of technology. Istanbul, Turkey Our science center ring is the most important goal. Istanbul is one of the world's most important centers of technology, R & D and innovation. The fact that this important congress is held in Istanbul is very meaningful in terms of discovering the potential of our city. Istanbul ranks first among the fastest growing cities in the world today. Turkey's Istanbul pupil, from sports to art, culture up to trade, home to many international organizations operate in every area. Istanbul, 130 international congress in the year, 100 is close to the fair, 6 is among the world's cities in this area. It ranks. This great interest in our city gives us courage. Ş

Minister Ozlu, Istanbul, the world's fair and congress capital, describing the title, more than deserved, in this age, the cities are now ruled by reason, he said. It especially like Turkey, a country where in the 93 percent of the population of cities and districts, "smart city management" is pointing Concise is a necessity, while Referring to Istanbul he received more apparent in this table.

-In order to think about cities
Minister Özlü said that cities should first be digitalized in order to reason, and that data related to energy, infrastructure, traffic and security should be managed with a certain mind and strategy. All these reasons Turkey's digital transformation, they evaluated in compliance with the digital transformation of the city expressing concise, the words continued as follows: "Smart cities, we see this as an important part of the digital transformation road map of our country. Science Center, Base Technologies, Advanced Industrial Countries smart city applications and digital Turkey for our goal, we consider as a lever. Turkey has a well-established urban civilization and ancient traditions. All our cities; they take their identity from our history, our culture, our art and our traditions. Turkey's what you go to the city's thousands of years of history and you will see traces of civilization. We are determined to protect our cities and build and revitalize our civilization under our light. In doing so, we will embrace the concepts of modernity. We will continue to offer smart city applications to our citizens in our 81 and 921 districts. X

Speaking at the opening of the u World Smart Cities Congress 2018,, the Governor of Istanbul Vasip Şahin stated that the cities, on the one hand, transformed the city economy and production system on the basis of information and technology, on the other hand, they provided great opportunities for more efficient presentation, quality and access to information. .

Governor Şahin stated that the concept of smart cities has increased in recent years and added, ler Smart cities have started to come to our agenda in Istanbul and other cities and have become a developing concept. Smart cities, on the one hand, provide great opportunities for transformation and optimization of the city economy and production system based on information and technology, on the other hand, to provide more efficient delivery, quality and accessibility of city services. Akıllı

In the field of smart cities in Istanbul, Turkey said it will be shown as an example of the many applications Sahin, said:
Iz Taking these experiences into consideration, we need to take them to a more advanced level without losing sight of the works in other cities we compete in the world with a longer term perspective. In this sense, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and public institutions are working to create strategies. One of the most important issues here is access to data. At the center of the concept of smart cities lies the access of all parties, which are produced by the public and private sector, which we call big data, but which can be used more effectively, providing solutions in this area. Cyber ​​security is another concept that has become increasingly important for countries' own security. Nowadays, when all the services are moved to digital environment, life gains importance in many aspects such as data security and security of the services provided on the internet, protection of personal data and sustainability of services. Artık

After the speeches, protocol members cut the ribbon of n World Smart Cities Congress 2018 del on the stage. President Uysal and other protocol members took the test drive by participating in the promotion of the electric autonomous vehicle made by IETT. The members of the protocol visited the exhibition area and received information from the stand staff.

About World Cities Congress Istanbul 2018

A variety of events and 12 panels will be held within the scope of the congress organized at Yenikapı Eurasia Exhibition and Art Center.

During the three days, experts from different countries and cities in the field of technology and 100 close to the speaker with the participation of experts in the field of names in the field, will give information about how to shape the future of smart cities.

”Innovative City Technologies Şehir, ikal Transportation and Vehicle Technologies in Intelligent Cities Kent, arı The Internet of Generations in Intelligent Cities“, ”Smart City Strategies“, ”Sustainable City Policies ler, ileri Sustainable Transportation Policies in Mega Cities“ and Tekn Digital Transformation and Economy in Smart Cities “ the panel will be organized in many subjects titled to participate in the congress will introduce the new technology products.

N World Smart Cities Congress 3 düzenlen 2018 will be completed in April this year.

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