Anadolu University continues to contribute to our country in the university-sector cooperation

Anadolu University continues to contribute to our country in the university-sector cooperation: The university and the sector met this time at Anadolu University. Leading names of the industry sector 5 shared their experiences about the sector in the panel titled “University-Industry Meeting for Qualified Employment and Career Buluş held in the Seminar Room of the Faculty of Engineering on Wednesday, April. Rector of Anadolu University Dr. Naci Gündoğan also attended the panel with the Governor of Eskişehir Azmi Çelik, Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce President (ETO) Metin Güler, Eskisehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) President Savaş Özaydemir, Vice Rectors. Dr. Ali Savaş Koparal and Prof.Dr. Dr. Adnan Özcan took part.

“Anadolu University is a university that aims to raise qualified human resources”

Referring to the importance of university-sector cooperation, Rector. Dr. Naci Gündoğan pointed out that Anadolu University is a university that is aiming to raise qualified human resources. University, not only to train qualified personnel, but also provide a serious rate of employment. Dr. Gündoğan explained the activities carried out by the university as follows: haberdar Our National Rail Systems Research and Test Center (URAYSİM) and Aviation Excellence Center Projects, which the public is aware of, continue. These projects are in parallel with the Eskişehir industry which makes qualified production. Our city is a city which has high quality and qualified production in the field of rail systems and aviation. Therefore, as a university, we are trying to serve with a particular research dimension in line with these priorities of our city. Dolayısıyla

“Test centers will create qualified employment”

Prof. Dr. URAYSİM and Aerospace Excellence Center expressed that the projects are not just research projects. Dr. Gundogan, "especially in the field of rail systems in Turkey was a much neglected area in the academic platform. For years, we understood only TCDD when it was called rail systems. But especially in the last 10 year, with the development of high-speed rail and city rail vehicles, this area has been found to be an important area not only left to state railways. This issue has revealed that the size of the research is important in terms of universities. Bu

Anadolu University in 6 years ago URAYS Project Getting started with Turkey in carrying out studies in the field of rail academics Gundogan stating that they begin to follow, the following statement about the subject, said: "What the railway system in the area until the academic studies running he explored we unfortunately will not exceed the fingers of one hand the number, the less We saw that. That's why our first study was the size of the training. You always talk about the investment size of URAYSİM, you invest if you have money. But it is important to have a neglected party to train qualified human resources here. For this reason, we have sent our 5 research assistant to various countries to do doctoral studies in the field of rail systems and carried out studies at the leading universities in 20 years ago. These friends are now returning to work, but this is not enough. We need to train not only engineer, but also intermediate staff. At this point, we will meet the need of intermediate staff by making various protocols among the countries specialized in these systems especially South Korea. Hopefully, when URAYSIM is completed, a qualified, qualified and qualified workforce will be created not only at the engineer level but also at the level of intermediate staff. İn

Giving information about the Aviation Excellence Center Project, Rector Gündoğan, in this context, TUSAŞ Motor Sanayii A.Ş. (TEI) and Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TAI) and pointed out that there is a serious cooperation. The test center and laboratories will be established as a result of these collaborations. Dr. Naci Gündoğan continued his words as follows: ini At present, fire tests are carried out of airborne polinal and composite materials. At the same time, accreditation process continues. It is our first priority to produce qualified products in the same way, to carry out tests and, of course, to train qualified people. Burada

Project-based internship is one of the first

Anadolu University, the first of many times that of Turkey and started 6 years ago, indicating that the project-based internship in one of the first Professor Dr. Naci Gündoğan said, ıyla At this point, we continue our work through R & D and Innovation Coordination Center Technology Transfer Office (ARİNKOM). Mainly engineering faculty students participate in project-based internship. However, we want all of our students to be evaluated within the scope of this project. We also do not want students to be an app where they simply go to a business and sign it. In order for the internships to be efficient, they must also contribute to the business. Internships should be able to contribute to both the student and the business. When the internship is completed in project-based internships conducted within a project, the enterprise also generates a value within the scope of the project. As a result, a significant proportion of our students who apply the project-based internship can be employed in the company where 80 is present. That's why we want more students to be evaluated in this application. At this point, we will further increase our efforts in the coming period. Bu

“I think there are very good things to do in our Eskişehir”

Eskişehir Governor Azmi Çelik stated the following in relation to the university-industry cooperation: ın In an environment where the socio-economic structure is changing rapidly, it is obvious that the relations between the university and industry, which constitute two of the most important legs of the parties constituting this structure, will change. In fact, the main aim of university-industry cooperation is to contribute to the transformation of the scientific potential in the university to the economic value and to turn the firms in the region into R & D, innovation studies and to ensure the sustainable cooperation between academicians and industrialists at the university based on mutual trust. In this context, I think that there are many good things to do in Eskişehir which is a university and industrial city. Bu

“We employers are here and we look forward to our future”

De We are the employers here and we look forward to our future with hope, en said ESP President Özaydemir, who gave advice to the students. President Özaydemir stated that the industry in our country needs well trained engineers, well trained and equipped technicians and intermediate technical staff for further development. Eden As industrialists and employers, we have the greatest problems in every area, lack of good education and trained staff. Ül in the form of.

Stating that students do not have enough feelings of belonging to businesses and do not like work, ETO President Metin Güler said, ET No matter how clever you are, this will prevent you from being a successful person. Öğ Stating that students are not enough to develop themselves only in their specialization areas, Güler stated that in order to be successful, it is necessary to deal with different branches such as sports and art.

Following the opening speeches, the panel continued with the presentations organized by Eskişehir Rail Systems Cluster Association Coordinator Gürcan Banger. Speaking at the panel as a speaker, Anadolu University Faculty of Engineering Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Dr. Alpagut land, Savronik Electronics Chairman Kenan Isik, Sisecam Factory Manager Osman Ozturk, Candy Hoover Group Turkey R & D Center Manager Hakan Unal, Anadolu University Faculty of Engineering Department of Industrial Engineering student and the student was attended by representatives of Fadime Gökkütük.

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