The Secret Heroes of Mega Projects

The Secret Heroes of the Mega Projects Showcased: The Roads, Bridges and Tunnels Specialization Fair that will be organized for the second time this year by Turkish National Committee of Roads, which provides communication and cooperation between public institutions, private sector and universities, will be held by 24-26 May 2017. will take place in. 160 is participating in the fair which will take place under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications to bring the stakeholders of the road transport sector together and to share information on the projects.

intensive urbanization in Turkey, is causing a rapid increase in ownership of the vehicle. Thus highways in the last year 10 2023 launched last year and scheduled to be completed by Mega Projects with Turkey, makes the difference between world countries.

In order to provide access to the rest of the country, which is part of the highway moves initiated, implemented with the use of advanced technology and resources Mega Projects carried Turkey to the forefront of world transport sector. 13 18.000, which is completed in the last 3 year, will be started in near future with the construction of Izmit Bay Osman Gazi Bridge, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and Avrasya Tunnel which is opened to transportation. The high-tech, environment-friendly construction techniques and advanced security systems that are used in the industry allow each day to grow exponentially.

The Secret Heroes of Mega Projects

The first one, 2016, which has been organizing the Mega Projects for the 1st Highways, Bridges and Tunnels Trade Fair in May.

24-26 May II. Highways Bridges and Tunnels Trade Fair, 2017 has a total volume of 2016 Billion USD as of the year of 2015. It has been serving national and international project, consultant and contractor companies and public institutions and organizations, academicians, machinery, materials and Providing equipment to accommodate manufacturers, manufacturers and suppliers.

12 increased by 1% 116

In the rapid urbanization process, the increase in vehicle ownership and the increase in mobility increased the use of motor vehicles on highways. Between 2003-2015, the vehicle-km value increased by 116, the ton-km value was 61, and the passenger-km value increased by 77. 2015 113 244 291 2023 365 378 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX These values ​​are expected to reach XNUMX billion x km and XNUMX billion passenger x km in XNUMX.

Investments sum 2016 billion USD as of 161

Road Mega Projects of the country 130 of financial size is outpacing the national income and Turkey around stating add new to implemented as transportation projects MCI Fair General Manager Ufuk all sectors of 2016 years as investment amounting he said 161 billion USD: "In our country most in passenger and freight transport more preferred types of transport. Therefore, we have a favorable environment for many Mega Projects. Only the tunnel length that has been opened to traffic in the last 2 year is about 2003 times the tunnel length made from the foundation of our Republic until 2. That's more than 198. The 2023 bridges and viaducts are expected to open until 9071. In the construction process of such Mega Structures, there is a serious R & D, technology, equipment and human resources. In other words, the sector is growing rapidly both in terms of technology and quality. For example, in the construction of the Eurasia Tunnel, the world's largest 13,7 tunneling machine with 6 meters was used. There will be exhibitions of these and other such road equipments and technologies at Highways, Bridges and Tunnels Specialized Fair, and a cooperation environment will be provided for the new projects.

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